2011 - the NEW 'You know you're in trouble when...' list

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)October 4, 2011

OK...let's start this list anew, since there are so many new list members! I'll begin...

You know you're in trouble when you order a bunch of pots (read as 100+ 1-gallon pots and 60 6"-pots) and 200 plant markers only to realize that you must have made a very similar order about 5 months ago. So now, I have 200+ 1-gallon pots and 100+ 6"-pots...and lots of 4"-pots, not to mention 400 plant markers! I won't have to order pots (or markers) for a very long time!!

SIGH....these bulbs have eaten my brain!



PS...read the 2009 version of "You know you're in trouble when..." pretty hysterical! Let's see if we can top it!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Bump...blah blah blah...where are all the fun people who used to be on this list!?! We all had so much to share! And...with ordering season and bringing in plants, all the newbies, etc...I figured that there would be lots added to this new list.


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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

OK, now that's a challenge!!

You know you're in trouble when you calculate your rebloom rate from past bulbs ( a dismal 10%) - 10 out of 100 bulbs, and are about to pack in the whole amaryllis adventure, when you rationalize by saying, "hey, that's way better than last year!" :) All at the same time anticipating 10 or more bulbs from internet purchases, not to mention the local co-op's $9 bulbs - always huge and healthy. And you know you're REALLY in trouble when you don't recall exactly how many were ordered off the internet - you get a shipping notice, and go "huh? I don't recall ordering from them." :)

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Hi Everyone,

Don't know if this is the correct thread but, I just purchased two new bulbs from Easy To Grow Bulbs/Willow Creek..Half and Half..and Sophisticate..I'm assuming these are both from their Israeli supplier Saad-Assaf..last bulbs I purchased from them grew to the size of grapefruits!! I kid you not!! Non virused and lovely flowers..so I gave it another try..they have been good to do business with..I got a severely gashed bulb last year and they replaced it no questions asked, (I did send a picture) and all lived! I now have 2 Ruby Stars the size of grapefruits!!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

So....you know you're in trouble when...you find an awesome source and can't wait to share!! THANKS DONNA!!

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Noni Morrison

You know you are in trouble when you arrive in Istanbul on a "once in a lifetime" trip, and wonder if your new orders of Amaryllis bulbs have arrived at home and if your son remembered to unwrap them so they don't rot before you get home....then you have to get off here to e-mail him and remind him....

Anyone else gotten their Van Engelen or Royal Colors orders?

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

My order from RC usually arrives 2nd week of October. A notice of shipment normally is sent out end of October. Soon- soon! :)

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you're checking the amaryllis forum to see what's new so you can place orders!
RC offering any facebook exclusives this year yet?
you're hanging out at hardware stores just to see if bulbs have come in.
You suddenly panic when you realize there are 12 bulbs from the coop, 6 from Home Depot cause they leaped into your cart, more are due any day and you have no empty pots!!
Tally HO!

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You are still worried that your family will think your nuts after you:

1. Bring all your amaryllis you acquired in Georgia to AZ (by car so not to damage or traumatize the bulbs by shipping them by mail). (During summer)
2. Blame family members for watering my bulbs too much and for the bulbs who've perished in the harsh AZ sun.
3. Receive a large Australian bulb shipment not to long ago (1-2 months?)
4. Ordered more bulbs for Fall from two companies (last weekend)
5. Start thinking about more orders already (now)

Need I go on?


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

in trouble when....you do this with Hostas, Cannas, Cactus and Succulents, Sempervivum and Orchids. Not to exclude the Noids I keep collecting. Did I mention the house plants getting ready to move back in? A few bulbs to add to the group is expected! Normal behavior. Looking at placing an order this week now that I know what my local source has this year.

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Don't worry, Kristi... you will use up all those pots and markers! The only problem is having to purchase all the medium with which to fill them! How do I know? Because we do that almost every season... we order pots when we already have them, and then end up using them all, anyway! And somewhere in the middle, we realize that we need to make another trip south to pick up a giant load of bagged soil and one of bagged pine bark and coarse perlite to mix for our pots! There are always plenty of plants to fill them with!

I know I'm in trouble when my wish list of bulbs far outdoes the space and budget I have! That's the complaint I have every year, though!

Until I get my currently depleted collection sorted out, though, I don't plan on adding anything new or rare.

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... when you decide that the light on your windowsills is just not consitent enough to keep all your amaryllis bulbs happy, so you decide to creat a plant rack with lots of flourescent lighting to assure they are all equally content. You think, "OK, one or two racks should do it," but end up with 5.
... you've never counted how many amaryllis you have because you are in denial.
... after you've counted how many you have, you won't tell anyone but your mate, and the words "obsessive/compulsive disorder" keep echoing in your head.
... even as you can clearly see the signs that you are in trouble with this glorious obsession, you order more bulbs.
"Hello. My name is Julie and I am an Amarylli-phile"

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All in unison... "Hi, Julie!"

"The coffee is over there... by the plate of stale cookies. Welcome to our 12 step program!" ;-)

Denial is not just a river in Egypt... it's the state most of us are in after about our 2nd or 3rd season of ordering and collecting Hippeastrum bulbs. It's an addiction, an obsession, and we quickly find ourselves at a disadvantage, our potted hybrid specimens vying for enough light and space, and we often resort to growing and blooming them in group sequences, forcing dormancy on a selected number while another number of bulbs comes into bloom. We might actually designate a portion of our refrigerators to bulbs only, or invest in a second unit we keep out in the garage, clearly labeled with signage of its only contents. Or, we find ourselves investing in artificial lighting, shelving units, or heated greenhouse setups. And many of us secretly wish we could pick up and move far enough south to take advantage of gardening zones, and the ability to grow our bulbs directly in the gardens!

We must ask ourselves... how many Red Lions do we really need? How many Minervas or Star of Hollands can we possibly justify buying? Are we running more of a bulb rescue than a hobby growing experience?

Once we begin pollination and seed collection and sprouting, we know we've crossed a threshold from which there is no return! If we branch out into the collection of any and all amaryllids, we are surely lost!

And yet, there are surely other habits or addictions that are much worse, and we should count ourselves lucky we have embarked upon something of a tame, albeit rather expensive nature!

When we find ourselves living in the midst of a bulb jungle, we know we are addicted... when we find ourselves torn between buying groceries and buying bulbs, we know we are addicted... and when we go out of our way for anything related to bulbs or the growing of bulbs, we know we are addicted.

You'll excuse me, now... I'm in the middle of researching species lilies and a few other bulbed plants for garden additions next year. :-)

"My name is Jodi, and I've been a bulb addict for longer than I can remember..."

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Jody, Such words of wisdom..that last post belongs right up there next to Ashleys FAQ!! I don't think anyone but you could have summed it up in a nutshell so eloquently..one of the many reasons we're all go glad you're back!!!


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Thank you, Donna! I'm blushing...

Words and language have always been some of my favorite things... I read an exorbitant amount of books, and I write my fair share, as well. I once published a breed specific canine magazine single-handedly... not for neglecting to ask others to submit content, mind you... but for the simple fact that no one ever seemed to send me articles to include! So, there I was... writing, editing, and publishing a 50 page spread every 3 months...

I did enjoy it, though. We lost our entire data base and all content and information when the house burned, and we were unable to continue. We've since retired from the world of Molossers...

We are in the process of writing my husband's memoirs, though... and a collection of short stories. My only regret is that everything is electronic these days. There's very little appreciation left for paper books. Maybe I'm just getting old... but I love the heft and smell of books. I like the feel of turning pages, and the ability to dog-ear that one tiny corner and come back to it later, when the mood to read strikes.

GardenWeb has given me a fine outlet for writing at my leisure... for putting my thoughts in written form... and as long as people don't mind reading what I've written, I'm happy to share my knowledge and give my opinions... long winded as some may be! ;-)

I'm happy to know that my words are appreciated. Thanks, Donna. It's good to be back. :-)

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