Is this worth while?

jane__ny(9-10)October 12, 2013

Looks pretty but wonder what you folks think?


Here is a link that might be useful: Harlequin Amaryllis

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For what it is...a double small/medium sized flower, and it's price which is pretty cheap, it's alright. Performance wise and compared to the Dutch doubles, I was personally not impressed with it.

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Can you not buy the bulbs alone cheaper on ebay or somewhere? (Unless you want the whole set up).

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I like this one. It offsets pretty readily and fills a wide pot quickly. It is smaller sized but not miniature. It reminds me of a smaller sized Aphrodite.

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Thanks for the information. I'm new to all this but loving these plants. I was at a plant fair last week and there was an Amaryllis grower who was selling bulbs for $30-50.00 a piece. I didn't buy any as that price seemed very high. The bulbs were large but still...

I saw the above ad and thought the price seemed better and the shipping was free. I haven't shopped on Ebay for many years but do remember the shipping costs were high.

I just don't know where to buy decent bulbs. I'm in Florida and plan to plant them in the ground. We bought the house last year and I was thrilled to see a large mass of Amaryllis blooming in the yard. They were all red/white and I thought some other colors would look good.

Maybe someone could suggest a good source.


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Shipping is never free, it's just added onto the price of the item.

If you buy several bulbs from a place then the shipping works out cheaper. You can save on the shipping by going to a place like walmart or lowes etc. They do cheaper bulbs but lack variety. Or wait till end of the season for sales since you are just planting them in the garden.

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I guess what I'm asking is whether that is a good price for those bulbs? I don't care about the basket, etc. I did look up the cost and they are throwing in free shipping as I found it sold for the full price plus shipping.

Are these Walmart quality bulbs? If so, I'll go to Walmart. But I would prefer to buy decent bulbs at a reasonable price.


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