Chanin, I really need to know.......

bromaloonieFebruary 6, 2009

Howdy Chanin, Ive grown to realise that you love crypts and spiney things and anything unusual in the bromeliad world.

For me at the moment i LOVE Neos and falling for vriesia, alcanterias and aechmeas.

I would SO LOVE to know if you own any Neos?

and If you do...which ones have you chosen to own and what are your favorites?

Do you also have pics of them in your computer to share with us

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Hi Bromaloonie (^_^)"

LOL..It's a shame of me, if you guys expect me keeping spiney Neos such as
N. carcharodon or N.mooreana, I have kept only few varieties,
mostly I pefer miniature varieties :

I'm not expert with them, have no idea what they are.

Neo. chlorosticta

I got this plant from a collector who said it came from 'Pineapple Place'
with a name Neo. punctatissima 'Ammy' (or Annie he not sure)

Chanin, who hate colourful Neos...LOL

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HeHeheheee.....its so nice to know that you own some.....LOL
Thanks so much for showing too
It did not surprise me that you kept a few mini's and im so very glad you did
and even though you say you hate colourful Neos im so very grateful that you take the time and effort to photograph all those beautiful colourful broms (when you go out to special places) for us too see even though they dont tickle your fancy:)

Over a year ago I bought a Xero? thingy...gorgeous flat pale silvery spiralling ribbons
i stuck it on a log but its slowly dying:(
i shall take a pic one day soon and maybe you can tell me what going wrong with it!
I paid a fair bit of money for it but i have not been a good mother at all it seems

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Cute Neo's Chanin
My first Xero died too..from to much water...the plant doesnt like water...prefers dry conditions like all the grey leaf Tilly's. Seems the rule is the whiter the color the dryer they like it

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Ohhhh dear, i went out to mine this morning to see that it obviously is then getting 'water issues'
i took a pic then pulled off all old bottom dead leaves and have put it under cover, also its now off the log that it was not even rooting onto, still after all this time it has NO roots?weird, is it supposed to have roots?
its looking lovely and dry and grey/silver now and will take another pic tomorrow morning and then show on here and you guys can tell me what you think

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Sorry it took me so long to get the pics in here
but here we go anyhow
I feel like such a bad mumma to a precious Bromeliad that I love
obviously a wet bed problem....LOL

then today after all cleaned up and dried out hes lookin a weeee bit better dunchathink??????

He still has no roots tho?(18months in my hands and still no roots)?
is this normal?
what do i put it on?
what am i to expect from this guy?
what does it want from me?

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It cerainly looks like a Tillandsia. You could snip the dead ends off the leaves, it will make it look a bit better and make you feel better also. If it were mine I would put it into a small empty terracotta pot and hang it in a humid but not wet area/Mist it with a spray bottle (say twice a week) during hot very dry days. A large T. latifolia I have has been growing and flowering for 5 years and still has not produced any roots. They feed thru their leaves and if they dont need roots to hang on quite often dont produce many/any. Good luck

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Really??I did not know that they didnt need obviously not a tilly person...although they are starting to tickle my fancy just a little here and there. I think my hubby likes them as hes always commented on them when i drag him round all over the countryside just recently
We live in a high humidity place so misting probably wont be needed this time of year very much.(in fact im frightened to wet him at all...LOL
Thankyou so much for your reply in letting me know what you know. I did not think of actually hanging him in a pot...and you know!...i reckon he would look smashing in a terracotta pot...Thanks once again

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That looks like a xerographica to me. I would just tie it to a teak orchid basket and hang it in some sun and ignore it. If your lucky you'll get an awesome flower after 5 years or so.

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Me again, I agree that it would be best on wood BUT it is so damaged on the bottom end that you risk causing irreversible damage trying to fix/tie it to the wood, hence suspending it in a very small pot until it hardens off enough to tie on. I am no til expert but have learnt a lot by doing the wrong thing and killing just a few!!! Have about 40 now, have even got some self seeded on the benches in the til cage (only 6 or 7) so conditions are obviously right. The great thing is they take up so little space. Good luck with yours.

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thankyou guys for your special imput, you have given me new ideas to play with and definately going to give it some morning sun to start with

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