HAVE: Cacti for trade

farmerted361(zone 6 Western NY)August 11, 2006

I have the following to trade:

2 rooted pups of Pediocactus simpsonii

one is 2inches the other is 2 1/2inches

3 rooted Mammillaria elongata 'Copper King'

2 rooted Mammillaria mainiae 'Counter-Clockwise Fishhook'

Dark Blackish Green with Burgundy spines, Really Nice color contrast! Flowers readily all summer long

1 rooted Echinopsis multiplex pup

3 Rhipsalis crispata cuttings

2 Epiphyllum ackermannii rooted cuttings. Orange to red. Flat and triangular, somewhat spiny growth.

I'm looking for the following Cacti from North, Central and South America only.

Any Arthrocereus, Brasilicereus, Cephalocereus, Chamaelobivia, Cleistocactus, Corryocactus, Discocactus, Echinocereus, Echinopsis, Epiphyllum, Gymnocalycium, Haageocereus, Hatiora, Lepismium, Lobevia, Mammillaria, Melocactus, Micranthocereus, Peniocereus, Pilosocereus, Pseudoacanthocereus, Pygmaeocereus, Lobevia, Rebutia, Rhipsalis, Selenicereus, Stenocereus, Sulcorebutia, Trichocereus, Weberbauerocereus, and so on. Anything that flowers!!! Bonus if it has a sweet smell!!!

This is my policy to prepare plants for shipment:

To devide and or take cuttings, in advance of a trade to be listed. I place divisions aside in a pot of their own keeping them on the dry side for shipping. Cuttings are left out to callus off in a timely fashion before being offered up for trade.


I only ship Priority Mail, in a mailing box or bag with the roots wrapped with a slightly damp paper towel and covered with a plastic bag.


Some plants are shipped dry root to prevent rotting, not all plants can be shipped with damp roots.

The rest of the plant will be wrapped in newspaper, and if I have it bubble-wrap to fill in the packing if not then it will be newspaper. A label will be placed on the box or bag stating: "LIVE PLANT(S) AND OR SEEDS HAND CANCEL, PLEASE HANDEL WITH CARE." I ship out on Mondays only in late mornings or early afternoons unless otherwise requested. Track & Confirm numbers (info) will be agreed to be provided upon request prior to the closing of the trade.

Thanks, farmerted361

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do you still have cacti to trade? please e-mail me at jolly_rancherscream@hotmail.com

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Mammillaria mainiae 'Counter-Clockwise Fishhook'
Do you have any of these left?


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I have just about anything that you are want to trade for the sulcorebutias, lobivias, Mammilliaria, rebutias, and many more I am very interested in you counter clockwise mammillaris, Epies, echinopsis. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Jaynie

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sambal(z8 Seattle WA)

Hi. First, thanks for spelling out the way you ship your c & s. I'm new at this and it sounds like a great to pack and ship. Secondly, we are on such a tight budget this season that I would appreciate any cactus on your list. I will be adding to my trade list as I can. Right now, I have various sizes of Gasteria Obtusa...from small rooted plants to some that are 5" tall. I also have some red epis...which I don't know the name of, but which blooms for a good 6 months outdoors on the covered porch spring through autumn. Poor baby was dropped so now I have both rooted cuttings, and cuttings ready to prop. Thanks, Sam

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I have heirloom cucumber seeds to trade. Would you be willing to trade cacti cuttings for cucumber seeds?

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