HAVE: Ascelepiad cuttings

orchidnickAugust 13, 2008

2 months or more ago I made some cuttings, they are all small but establiched with roots. Here is a list:

Echidnopsis leneutonia

Echidnopsis scutelata

Guvalia species

H confusa

H cummutata

H desipens

H getleffii

H keniensiae

H recondita

Huernia schneideriana

H thurettii

H zebrina

O baldratii

Orbea ciliata

O ditincta

O hesperidium

O pulchellum

O semibiflora

O varigata

O wissmanii

S decaryi

Stapelia grandiflora

S kwebensis

S scitula

While I was checking the plants to make this list I made some new cuttings. These were made today, they are small, have no roots and need to be hardened for a week before planting. 6 weeks from now they should have roots. Here is the list of these:

Carallumna JoAnis

Ecidnopsis leneutonia

Huernia arabica

H asper or macrocarpa

H hiscopii

H hislopii robusta

H hystrix

H pillisanii

H plowesii

H repens

H rosea

H zebrina

Huernia somalica

H stapeloides

H ureocalata x kwebensis

O albacastanea

O semoto lutea

O varigata

Orbea schweinfurtii

S gigantea

Stapelia lenderzii

S macowanii

Stapelianthus hardyi

I'll trade for any cactus I don't have,


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They are all gone.


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Just wondered if you have anymore Stapeliad cuttings to trade . I have a good collection of them and am looking to expand ...I have lots of Cacti as well if you would like to trade .LMK . If there is something special you are looking for I may have it.


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I have a little bit of a mess right now, the plants got vandalized by some animal in the winter. I have no cuttings ready for trade with roots etc, just some I made for someone who will no doubt ask for them soon. If you want me to make some fresh cuttings that you will have to root, let me know and I will make a list of available plants.


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Hi Nick

No need to root cuttings fro me , I can root them myself .Would love to exchange with you . I have available just off the top of my head ..

Ceropegia Stapeliaformis
Huernia Recondita
Stapelia Flavirostris
Caralluma Nebrownii
Hoya Carnosa
Stapelia Variegata
Orbea Lutea
Huernia Zebrina
Huernia Confusa
Huernia Zebrina Magniflora
Stapelia Leendrtzia
Stapelia Nobilis (Gigantea)
Huernia Pillansii
Stapelianthus Decarii

And perhaps a couple more when I repot !

Also have a lot of Cacti ..if you would like a list LMK

LMK what you have , Sorry you have a mess ...I once had a similar experience with a squirrel..till he found his way out of my greenhouse ...he had been digging in the pots. Bet he had a faceful of spines ...
Waiting to hear from you anyhow .


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I'll make a list of cuttings I could make excluding the ones you are offering me. I might take until the weekend.


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Thanks Nick ...take a look at my trade list, I'm updating it as I go along ...Let me know what you may like .

Nelkna (Ali)

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