Water Rooting Pineapple Crown Question

Surfpunk_SoCal(z10a)February 18, 2004

I've just started growing a pineapple plant from a store bought pineapple. I twisted off the crown, pulled off about 3/4 of an inch of the lowest leaves and then placed the "nub" into some tap water where it now sits. I never did let it sit and harden off after I pulled off the lower leaves...is this ok? My main question is...Should I change the water in the glass daily? Should I add anything to the water, ie. fetilizers or anything? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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cycex(z8b TX)

I popped the top off two store bought pineapples about a year ago. I put them in their own pot immediately. I didn't let the bottom dry but I did strip the bottom leaves to expose about half an inch. Better to let them dry a couple of days I guess. They are doing great. They are at about two feet across now. I put some out in my backyard too. I've found that if you grab it by the base of the plant and snap it off instead of twisting it, it breaks off very clean and it won't have those little strands at the base that can start the rot. You have to put a lot more strength into breaking it off this way and it feels like you might damage the plant but it works for me. So I just break them off and stick them right in the dirt. It's been the cool wet weather that has gotten a few of mine. It's been in the mid 30s to mid 40s at night and rainy. They don't like that. But the ones in the pots are doing great because I bring them in if it gets too cold and wet. Good luck(and good drainage)!

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pengoff(z5 MI)

It's easy to twist the top off the pineapple and it comes off clean.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Do not root in water , just let it dry out for a few weeks , peel off several of the lower leaves , then root in soil .
This is how the commercial growers do it . Though they do not peel off the leaves !

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I read somewhere that rooting in water was ok...just like an avacado seed. Did I read it wrong? It's been a little over a week now and I can see some white nubs starting to poke out from where I peeled the lower leaves off. I think I will keep this one as an experiment and then try another the old fashioned way, in soil. Any more input is greatly appreciated.

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cycex(z8b TX)

Hey, I think that is a good attitude! Experiment around with it a little bit. Besides, when you bought the pineapple, you bought something for free. Maybe it was the pineapple or maybe it was the plant...depends on what you wanted. Would you have bought the pineapple if you didn't want the plant? Anyway, my point is...it's cheap! If what you try doesn't work, get another one and try something different. People shouldn't get hung-up on one pineapple plant. Move on, you'll figure it out. No reason to get obsessed about one pineapple plant failure. Not talking about you. I think the attitude you have is great. After you've read all you want, have fun with it. You'll soon find out what works. For me it was popping off the top, sticking it about an inch in the ground and 80 to 90 degree weather with good drainage. They have been alot more drought tolerant than I had imagined. I have some of mine in a very fine sandy loam that I got off a farm my parents have in east Texas. I have some in native black clay that is here in the Austin area. These are in the ground and not doing as well as the others but I think it's because THEY don't get to come in when it gets cold and wet...yea they have been out there all winter but most are still alive(!)and it even snowed 3 inches. I am going to leave the ones outside alone to see if they can take care of themselves. I'm not even going to water them. I'm experimenting too. We'll see what happens. Don't get too infuenced by advice that came from someone that has a huge ego about their authority on pineapples or anything else. It seems to me that many of these people become negative and pessimistic just to feel good about telling you what you are doing wrong...when you may not be doing anything wrong. It just makes them feel powerful and that's worth their incorrect advice if it makes them feel good. I'm sorry, I've had a few beers.....ok..20 beers....ok..no beer. (just VO)

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Thanks man...thanks

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I as well find myself reading the GW forums whilst intoxicated. Curious.: )

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I currently have 4 and this is how I started them - I twist off the top, take off the lower bracts until I can see a bunch of roots (the little white bumps) and plant it directly in a pot. The original leaves usually become all or partly brown, but new growth comes from the top and in a few months it is well established.

I've tried rooting it in water and it just rotted. I've tried cutting off the top instead of twisting it, but again it rotted. I tried drying the crown before potting it and it just shriveled and died. So I found planting the crown fresh works best for me.

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Oklahoma_Tim(z7a OK)

I've got a couple questions to add to this: When potting a new pineapple top, what size pot do you use? And do you prefer clay or plastic?

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Tim, I have 3 pineapples growing outside from tops. One of them is in a huge clay pot, the other two are in huge black plastic pots. I started the little tops by twisting them off the pineapple, pulled a couple rows of the lowest leaves off (you will see the little roots under there) and stuck them right into the big pots. I didn't let them sit and dry and I didn't treat them with rooting hormone, I just stuck them in the pots. I started with big pots because I read they will grow to be quite big. Didn't want to have to try and repot them, and didn't want them tipped over easily. So big heavy pots is best in my opinion. Also, mine are outdoors all year long and they are never moved, so big heavy pots is not a problem. The one in the clay pot is now producing a pineapple fruit. YAY!!! The other two were started a little later, and are not as big. I also put pea gravel around the top of the pot to help increase the weight and help it hold some moisture, but I also added perlite and gravel and lava rocks (the kind for your barbecue lol) into the soil, so it drains well. When I water, I water from the top and flush the crown out, and soak the pot completely, but I don't water them every day, maybe every week or so... they have the pea gravel on top to help them retain a bit of moisture. They are in full sun. I am so excited! My first pineapple starting lol!!!

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Quiet_Emerald(z5b , MI)

I have one in a SMALL plastic pot... I cut it out of the pineapple (I hadn't heard about the twisting thing) pulled off an inch's worth of lower leaves, and let it dry a few days. Then I put it in a cup of water, letting the leaves hold it up so that just the very bottom was wet. I planted it in mirracle grow, kept it indoors by a west-facing window, and it's been doing wonderfully. The roots are now 'round 3 inches long, and it's got new leaves. About half of the old leaves died back by about a third, but other than that... no problem :)

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I rooted my guys in water. Works fine. I didn't let it harden off, either. I use RO water and add some rooting hormone and alternated with adding fertilizer. You MUST pay attention to your water though. When it starts to reek, change it. It only takes a few seconds every 3 or more days.


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Put in straight sun and what about in the house where would be a good place .. I live in Illinois .. I got 2 big tops from were I work this morning .. can't wait to try this ..

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