1rst CATS to raise 2013!!!

imabirdnutJanuary 22, 2013

Yesterday, I stopped by a local garden center to see if they had any seeds on sale for the 2013 Commercial Seed Swap on the Round Robin forum!
Look what I found munching away on their violas in the green house! I couldn't resist & the store didn't mind... I just had to bring them home...10 Varigated Frit cats to raise! I hadn't planted all the violas & pansies I bought before Christmas. Some of them that have been out in my yard for over a month went into my cat raising box for food!
I have SPRING FEVER really bad!!!! Can you tell???

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

That's fantastic, Lila! Are you going to be able to provide them with enough violets to eat? I know that violets are cold hardy, but freezes will kill them back, so violas must be the same way? Do you have a green house or other place for you still-potted violas and pansies?



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How fun, congrats!

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Wow, Lila, you stumbled on a lucky find there! I wonder if that's usual for cats to be around your area this early in the year? Being up here in PA, it's even hard for me to imagine raising any this time of the year, especially when I look out and see snow cover for I don't know how many weeks now. It's 17 deg. here a little after noon. Brrr. I'm really looking forward to spring...this has been a cold winter for us so far.
I'm really happy for you that you found those cats. By now you're probably an expert at spotting cats no matter where you go. I like to scout out Lowe's and Walmart and rescue the Black Swallowtail cats at those places because I'm always afraid that other people might kill them. I love raising Variegated Frit cats but didn't have any this past year. I buy seeds every spring for these neat-looking "black" viola plants that the VF cats really love. Best of luck with raising yours, and I hope that the food holds out.

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Sherry, I do have a lot of pansies & violas planted I can take cuttings from once they eat all the plants I have in the box.
Will they eat wood violets??? Last year was the first time for me to have them in my BF garden & the cats were only on the pansies I hadn't pulled up yet in early March. Once these cats pupate...I will put them in my garage or outside on the back porch so they won't eclose before it gets warmer outside!

Minrose...it is early but they were found in a green house in Fort Worth. I am hoping they won't eclose until March & we have warmer temps! It has been in the low 70s on & off this past week...that's why the RA came out to eat...I think!

Cathy, It is almost spring today with temps in the 70s again but we will probably get several more frosts if not snow before our real spring starts!
I wish violas would make it through our temps but they dwindle once our nights start getting warm! Do you know if VFrits will eat wood violets??? They are perennial here for us but the other flowers are only good in late fall, through the winter & into the early spring! By April...they are gone!
I'll keep y'all posted how they do!
Lila :o)

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Good luck and keep us informed how they are coming along, you seem to have it all worked out!

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Yippee, Lila!

My violets are peeking up now since we have had spurts of warm weather off and on for a month or so.

You know, I have never found a cat at the nursery? I know most do not spray their edible herbs like Dill and Fennel, so you'd think I had a good chance of finding cats on them.

Our weather has been so erratic. 70s yesterday, close to 40 today, and then we're heading back up, with one day forecast to be almost 80! Jeepers! What's a butterfly to do?

But, I am so THRILLED you have Variegated Frit cats, Lila! Maybe this means an early and prolific year is in store for you!


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So far I have 5 crysalids & one starting to attach...not sure what happened to the other 4 but glad I found them to help them survive & not be killed at the plant nursery!!!
Look how cool the silver & gold is on this "baby"!!! Can't wait to see them eclose!
Will keep you posted on their progress! Have been seeing some little sulphurs flying around my yard with 60 degrees today!
Can't wait for spring flowers!!! My little Blue Veronica has a few blooms on it but the only other thing with flowers is my neighbor's "weeds"--lots of dandelions!

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Those VFs have THE most gorgeous chrysalises! Congrats, Lila, on your success this early in the year. This may be a record you've set for early cats!

It has been fair to middling temps for us, after a few days of 70 degrees. Cathy, you guys up North have really had a lot of cold temps this winter, haven't you? Except for a few very cold days, our winter has been pretty average, IMO. My Daffodils are coming up now, so spring is not far away.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

What a beautiful chrysalis, Lila - variegated frits really do make a pretty one!


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Congrats on raising those babies, Lila! I think that Variegated Frits have the prettiest chrysalises of any I've seen yet! I hope that you have continued success with the butterflies this spring and summer.

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