HAVE: Have to Trade: Aloes

crassulaSeptember 6, 2008

Have several Aloes available for trade:

Suprafoliatia (seedling)

Comosa (seedling)

Nobilis (big plant with 5-6 offsets)

Speciosa (good sized plant)

Maculata (good sized plant, believed to be yellow flowering)

Maculata (offsets, same as above, should flower yellow)

Excelsa (seedling)

Brevifolia var. Brevifolia (short leaf variety, small plant with 4-5 offsets and more on the way)

Peglerae (seedling)

Cremnophila (offset)

Distans (rooting offset)

Vera (pink flowering variety, offsets)

Tenuior (rooted offset, starting to clump and ramble)

Ramosissima (unrooted cutting taken from a mature plant in Arizona)

If you are interested in any of these please let me know.

I am interested in another:

Dichotoma (have one, would like another)

Pillansii (have one already, but would be willing to trade several of the above mentioned plants for one more, long shot I know;))

Plicatilis (again, would like another for the home)

Brevifolia (depressa variety)

Glauca (any size)

Falcata (any size)

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Forgot to add to wants:
Crassula Lactea
Crassula Falcata
Crassula 'Campfire'
Crassula Arborescens
Crassula Multicava
Crassula Argentia 'Green Tippy'


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All gone; boy that was fast! Thanks for looking!

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Hi! Sorry to steal your thread, but I saw that you are from the same zone as me and you have a nice variety of aloes. I'm doing an independant study project on aloe for my Biology of Plants class this semester and I was wondering if you could help me answer a few questions. If not, that's okay, just let me know either way.
Thank you,

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