Fiesta Vriesea on show.

devo_2006February 24, 2010

Here is a collection of the Vriesea on show at this years Fiesta, as much as IÂm a neo addict, I must say these Vriesea are just fantastic plants & they really do add a stylish touch to any bromeliad collection. I remember lining up to buy the first release of Tasman hybrids in 2003, they were primarily "green" plants with tessellationsÂbut they were something new, & very much sort after. Now in 2010 weÂre almost spoilt for choice with a whole range of well coloured, & well patterned foliage Vriesea, theyÂve come along way in 7 yrs... IÂm really looking forward to what will be released over the next few years.

OK, now for the main courseÂ

First up, is the classic sp Vr fenestralis

A NZ favourite, Vr. Golden Legend that originally came from Aussie.

Next, the main prize winner, yes itÂs the popular Vistarella

Vr. Misty Pink

Vr. Pink Magic

Vr. Tasman hybrid

Vr. Mint Julep

Vr Starbright, one of my favourites.

Vr. White Mystic, winner of the NZ hybrid section.

The stunning Vr. Cherry Ice, and behind is a well grown Vr. Nova Pink Beauty

Vr Misty Taupo

And a taste of the Vr. hybrids for sale, enough to tempt any brom addict. Some people were buying these by the box load, & coming back for more!

Finally for dessert, a lovely petit treat of subtle variegation, this is something I envisage weÂll see more of as the future of Vriesea hybridising unfolds.

Vr. Lady hybrid

I trust you have enjoyed this Vriesea banquet & that it has sufficiently fuelled the addiction ;-)


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Devo, thanks for the photos. The vriesea are absolutely stunning in its color and leaves pattern. I wish I'm at NZ this time to join the Fiesta. In particular, the V Starbright and Cherry Bright caught my attention with its almost white center. Just wondering if this white center also meant it is less tolerant to sunlight?

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Hi Han, we have Vr. Snowman here that has a very white centre (similar to Cherry Ice), I know J&A grow it & have said the plant is tough as boots, no bruises & can take almost full sun. What could work in its favour is that it starts green and turns white until only the tips remain green.

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Lovely show Andrew ,yes i found that my white hybrids can take a huge amount of light / sun and they also start of green at first ,Jack

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