Amaryllis ID plz!

teisa(6)November 8, 2010

I mostly grow Hoyas. However, my mother-in-law has had an Amaryllis for like 35-40 years that she gave me a pup off of. It looks alot like the one on the picture that pops up for this forum.

It is salmon and each stalk had several blooms like 3-4 if I remember correctly. Can anyone ID this from description?

I read once that it would bloom 2x per year. I got it last spring and wondered if anyone knew if this was true? It is currently about to put out 2 new leaves. (I'm sure there is another word for the green foliage).

Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the forum! The picture in the corner is of Baby Star. If you want to see pictures of other varieties to fine tune the ID look at this site:


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Do you have a picture, the Salmon/Orange color is a very prominent color in Hippeastrum.

When you say "true" do you mean like a specie? There are a few species that match your description, Hippeastrum puniceum, Hippeastrum striatum and a few others have a orange/salmon color and can bloom twice a year if not more but do not have so many flowers per scape, Hippeastrum fosteri is a specie with pink flowers that has up to 15 a scape, Hippeastrum stylosum has 8-10 salmon/orange colored flowers per scape.

Leaves in Hippeastrum are usually linear or lorate and many are everygreen. I've not heard any other word for the leaves on Hippeastrum, as far as I know anyway.


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