HAVE: Ascelepiads (Carallumas, Huernias, Stapelias etc)

orchidnickOctober 29, 2007

Have acquired numerous Ascelepiads, many of which came with extra cuttings. Some of them have roots, most of them have been planted less than a month and are without roots. See my "Trade List" The numbers after the name indicate the number of branches the cutting has. 1x1 means one finger cutting. 1x2 means one stem with one branch. 1x3 means one stem with 2 additional branches etc. Looking for other members of that group or any other small to medium cactus which can be grown outdoors in SOCAL.

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Nick....I sent you an email

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Many are gone. Here is what's left:


DUVALIA pubescens

HUERNIA aspera, blyderiverensis,hystrix, kenniensis, longituba, macrocarpa crest,minuta, plowesii, recondita, somalica

ORBEA baldrattii, semitubiflora, semota lutea,


STAPELIA gigantea, grandiflora, kwebensis, lenderzii, schinzii, verucosa

STAPELIANTHUS decrayi, hardyi

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Another batch left the parental home to strike out on their own in the cruel world.
As of Oct 30 this is what's left:

HUERNIA hystrix, macrocarpa crest, minuta, plowessii, recondite (very small, 1 cm), somalica, zebrina.

ORBEA baldratii


STAPELIA grandiflora, schinzii, verrucosa

STAPELIANTHUS decrayi, hardyi

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Hi I would love some of all of them if I may!?

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Hi Fran

Email me at orchidnick@yahoo.com as I cannot find an email for you. I'll be leaving on a camping trip to the northern California coast early tomorrow morning and may not be able to respond to any communication until Monday AM.


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Hello Nick can you please e-mail me at jolly_rancherscream@hotmail.com I hope you have some left.

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