Billbergia in bloom

brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)March 8, 2009

A while ago I got a few un-named Billbergias to add to my collection (you can never have too many Bills imo). I was very pleased to see one starting to flower about a week ago, so have been keeping a very close eye on them ever since.

This is what the flowering one looked like this morning:

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Very nice. My Billbergia Hallelujah is in bloom at the moment too. It is my favourite Billbergia.

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Todd, is that Muriel Waterman that you have in flower?

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Yup, it's that time of year again! Mine have been going off like crazy the last couple of weeks. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

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Wow! Lisa, what an eye-catching collection, I'm lost for words to describe them.

All the best, Nev.

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One billgergia variety that I've had for 3 years and am now on the 3rd generation has finally decided to send out an inflorescence. I guess something finally triggered it, perhaps the colder than normal winter? I have no idea what it is, maybe when it blooms I'll figure it out.

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Here's an 'Orange Sherbert' with some really prominent vertical lines on the petals.
Lisa BTW, outstanding!

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi everyone - love those Billy pics.

My Domingos Martins finally snuck through just over the last couple of days - thought it wasn't going to make it this year! It all happened so quick.

Day before opening

First day open

Then, second day, nearly all remaining flowers open but camera battery flat !!!! I just had to do something so all the pollen went into the fridge. Now I just have to wait for something to put it on .....

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Hi Paul,
Nice Bil. Domingos Martins you have there; do you find it difficult to grow?

I held off getting one of these because I was told they were hard and slow to grow in my area, and yet you aren't far from me and yours looks fine.

What are your conditions? Any tips on culture?

All the best, Nev.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Nev, the plant in flower was a pup just emerging from the base of the mother plant in April last year, so from zero to flower in just under a year. Gets direct sun in the morning in a protected spot which heats up pretty quickly, then dappled shade in the afternoon. Splash of balanced NPK fertiliser 1/2 strength every couple of weeks.

Lisa, I keep going back to that photo of yours, and you say thats's the tip of an iceberg! If the rest of it becomes a problem, please push in southwesterly direction.

Cheers, Paul

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Wow! there are some stunning plants out there!
My favourite tends to be the one I've seen most recently ;-)

Bromadams - that's B. 'Breauteana' The bracts are actually more of a red colour, the photo was taken in Autumnal early morning light and I was playing with a lens vignette.
I've got 4-5 clumps, but this is the only one to produce a flower.
I often find our heavy Spring rains seem to trigger many of my Bills into flowering.

Thanks to everyone for sharing - just love those photos.
Cheers, Todd

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Does anybody think that this might be Billbergia euphemiae var. purpurea? It has an inflorescence coming up so I'll get to see it in flower soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Billbergia euphemiae var. purpurea

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