WANTED: Epiphylums, Rhipsalis, Schlumbergeras, Cryptocereus, Sta

chloeashaOctober 5, 2013

Hi all! I'm looking for

Epiphyllums: oxypetalum, anguliger (fishbone cactus), chrysocardium (also sometimes called fishbone or fernleaf), and other species or cool ones with my name :)

Rhipsalis paradoxa and R. houlletiana

Schlumbergeras-- interesting less common ones, yellow, pale pink/white, and any non-TG cactus ones

Cryptocerus anthonyanus (also called ric rac cactus)

Stapeliads, Huernias, Orbeas-- any-- I have one though that is H.schneideriana, so not that one :)

Aporocactus or other epiphytic cacti are always fun too!

I have the aforementioned H. schneideriana to trade, limited rhipsalis cuttings I could take from a few species, AV leaves, Sans Golden Hahnii, Zebrina, a few types of philodendron, spider plants, streptocarpella concord blue, achimenes, mara des bois strawberries, stargazer lilies, ostrich ferns, a few types of sedums, a few types of violets (mostly sororias), stachys, Sempervivums, Senecio vitalis, cuttings of Trachelospermum jasminoides, ajuga repens, lycoris radiata.. and more. If you have something I'm interested in, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with something that works for you. Thank you!

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