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jodik_gwNovember 26, 2009

Hello! I just wanted to share a few pictures that I took off the camera today... so, without further adieu... here they are!

This is the flower from the bulb kit labeled "white"... it's obviously not!

It's a Minerva... but it's still a keeper! The bugs seem to like it!

The Phal "Sogo Grape Fireball" bud is quite swollen... it shouldn't be too much longer...

In time for Thanksgiving, this little Stenomesson incarnatum has grown nice green leaves... it's been asleep for a long time!

My early Christmas present, H. Sweet Lilian, all potted up and ready to grow!

Freshly re-potted youngsters from Cindee's crosses!

And a second pot with two more little ones from Cindee...

I'm embarrassed to say... this is my current African Violet... they really hate me.

And finally, Maia and Babes... all doing well!

Cute little buggers!

You'll be happy to know that the pups are all growing like little weeds... their eyes are now open, and they're stumbling around... and they're beginning to growl and bark! They're rapidly moving into that cute stage!

Thanks for looking! More updates as things change...

Happy Gardening... and Happy Thanksgiving!

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betonklotz(7b Baltic Sea coast)

I know that it's not easy to grow the african Violet over winter. They usually bloomed superb and then your wondering what you did wrong ... a nice little plant but really annoying to grow it for more than one season! ;)

Minerva seems to be a quite likable candidate to get from mislabeled bulbs. Cindees crosses sound really promising, I'd love to see the blooming outcome of these.

The pups are heartbreaking, even grown men make funny sounds at the sight of such cute little puppies. A friend of mine had kittens in their shared flat. It was amazing, we just to sat there with a beer and watch the small buggers explore, tumble and falling asleep. Quite a good evening activity!

I hope that now that they're walking they won't get too stressful for you! ;)

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Normally, we whelp litters of pups in large cardboard gaylords... the thick walled type that factories get their parts or raw materials in. They're quite roomy, and once set up, we cut a doorway on one side, line the inside floor with linoleum or matting of some type to catch any moisture, add the bedding, and then the mother can jump in and out, but the pups can't reach and escape. The nice thing is, when the pups are sold or moved, we throw away the used gaylord, bacteria, fungi and all, and begin fresh with a new one next time. Disposable and sanitary.

Since Maia is so little, she whelped in an airline crate half... but very soon, I'll have to bring in a gaylord and set it up for the pups. So, no stress there!

They are fun to watch! I spend a lot of time just watching them sleep and dream, and play together, and interact with Mom. It's very interesting because they each begin to develop their own little personality... one might be more vocal and bark more, another might be more laid back and sleep more or be more quiet... there are usually the bold, the middle, and the few that hang back within every litter. As adults, I like the middle!

Little kittens are quite similar to watch... equally fun and mesmerizing! Mother Nature is incredibly special!

When their new owners come to pick them up, it will be sort of hard to let them go... but it's just not possible to keep everyone! Maia and Huck are a handful by themselves!

Minerva does seem to be one of the most common finds as a mislabel. But I can't complain... all hippeastrums have merit, some characteristic that is likable. So, getting any flower is fine with me! The majority of Minerva bulbs seem to be strong genetic specimens, and worthy of keeping in a collection.

For some unknown reason, I've not really ever had much luck growing African Violets. I know they shouldn't be difficult subjects... and it's probably my own fault because my focus is more on bulbs and not on that poor little guy! He's lost every leaf he had, but his stem still has tiny green nubs of hope trying to grow, so I'll keep it and try to coax him back to health. I just can't throw away a plant if there's any hope left in it, at all. I think he probably needs more light... and that's difficult to provide as all the bulbs take up the good spots!

Speaking of grown men and baby animals... my Dad, and now my husband, both act all manly and such around pups or kittens... but when alone, I could hear them talking baby-talk to them! They can pretend all they want, but I know that they have a soft spot for babies of any type! It's kind of funny! :-)

Well... I'm off to get the turkey in the oven... it will take half the day to cook!

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Jan Sword

Awww Jodi, they are so cute!!!
Looks like your phal could pop any time.
Happy turkey day!!
Don't feel bad about the African violet, I kill all of them and I do not want any. hehehe


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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

What sweet poopies! (I think I coined that phrase, a cross between puppies and poopers ;)

Re. African Violets - as my space shrunk and Hipp bulbs grew over the past few years, I took a good look at my shrivelling, sick collection of AV's and tossed them (they NEVER grow well for me), and voila! more space for more bulbs!

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Thanks! Yes, they certainly are little poopies! Everything that goes in does come out! It just seems like more comes out! ;-)

I can't wait for this orchid to pop open! The blooms are such a pretty purple! It's aptly named!

I may just toss the AV... I should toss it... but I see those little green nubbins, and I can't help thinking there might be a slight chance for its survival... lame, I know! I'm a sucker for green! :-)

As I re-pot more of my young seedlings, I'll need the extra space, though... so either this poor guy shows some growth soon, or he's a goner!

Happy Turkey Day!

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Hi Jodi,

What a gorgeous pictures!
And Maia (love that name!) is a beautiful and loving mum, i see. What cute pups she has!

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Thank you! Yes, she's being a great mom! I think she's getting a little sore, though... she now spends some time out of the box! In another week or so, I can take over and begin feeding them homemade puppy gruel to help Maia out. That's always messy, but so fun to watch them eat!

I can't even remember where I got her name from... it just came to me, I guess. She looked liked a Maia when she was born! She chose me... I didn't really pick her out of her litter. She came to me, and so I kept her. She's a wonderful girl... we call her My-My, for short! She's like a 32 pound firecracker!

We just finished eating a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I made the usual... green bean casserole and sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows! Once my stomach settles down a bit, we'll bring out the cheesecake! Yum!

Have a good evening, everyone! I hope your day was dandy! :-)

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Hi Jodi Happy Thanksgiving to you. Just as a tip to you on that African Violet plant. The pot is way to big and way to deep. It should be 3-4 inches round and same 2-3 up to 4 inches deep
You may want to replant it in a styrofoam cup for a while untill it can get better established just trim the cup down to 2-3 inch size and dont forget to add a drain hole or two. There not hard to grow at all they like to take water up from the holes (wicking) over top watering.
I break many of the " Offical Growing " rules on mine and it does well enough for me. (I don't like them either but what the heck it's indoor color lol )
I'm not the biggest dog fan in USA I will agree to cute
As for phals there my next adventure for 2011 I will like them alot more than that silly African Violet of mine.
Thanks for the neat pics of your indoor tropical forest

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Jodi, looks like you had some great pictures in your camera! Pups and plants looking healthy (well, except for the AV, but you'll probably be able to bring it back!). Alana

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Actually, wesley, that IS a 3" pot, believe it or not... the poor AV is nothing but an empty stem with tiny green leaf buds on it. That's the original pot it came in... you know the type... small plastic, with an outer cashe pot.

I will re-pot it into a smaller container. I think I have some 2" pots with drainage holes.

That's how I feel about them, too... I keep getting them occasionally because they're extra indoor color, and because they're cheap at a dollar, or a dollar and a half apiece. You can't beat that!

I get sucked in by the beautiful flower colors they have, and the next thing I know, they jump in my cart and come home with me! I just can't pass up the colors and price!

Not everyone is a "dog person"... some are "cat people", or maybe fish or birds... and some people aren't really pet oriented. It's a personal thing... so, thanks for complimenting Maia and the babes!

You know, wesley... I was almost convinced that I couldn't grow Phals... but I finally got the hang of it! They like good light, to be watered when they first get dry, and I mist them daily... mainly because we have very dry indoor air. And I keep them all grouped together for humidity's sake. Something is really working... because they're actually alive and blooming!

Thanks, Alana! Ya... I have better luck growing pups than AVs, I guess! I need the room for hippis, so it wouldn't be a huge tragedy if the AV didn't survive... but I'll keep trying. Maybe it'll grow those little nubs into new leaves.

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Ooooh, I like your poopies, they are adorable! I am useless with African violets too. I had planned to give away/get rid of the 2 I have and whatdoyaknow, they are both blooming! It only took about 2 yrs!
I'd take pups over AVs anyway!

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Thanks, Sally! Me, too! I love flowers, but I love warm, cuddly little puppies more! :-)

I should stop buying these AVs... I just can't pass up the pretty blooms, I guess, and the low price for such pretties!

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Cute pups, Jodi! Generally I'm right there with you on killing off AV's... but with Denver Ryan's help, I've been able to grow a few in the past few months and actually get them to bloom! Not sure if that one can be saved, but if anyone can save it, he can!

Phoenix Ryan

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Thanks, Ryan! They get a little bit cuter every day! :-)

If I didn't think that Rocky Mt. Ryan was already jam packed with plants and bulbs, I'd ship it off to his place for an ICU stay! I moved it a little closer to the window, so we'll see what happens. The problem is... well, part of it... is that I have my orchids and other important plants in the window and under the lights... so that poor little AV has to take leftovers when it comes to light!

Well... we all have our priorities... and I guess AVs aren't top of my list! ;-)

I'll be nice, though, and I will try to save it... if it does go to the garbage, it'll definitely be dead!

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Wonderful pictures Jodi. I have to see, we all have our plant failures, oh why do they hate us? I really admire your Phals. I, myself, have never had any luck with orchids. Thankfully Hippeastrums are so easy to grow. :) :)

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Musaboru, I never had luck with orchids either, but now with a little support and coaching from my friends (particularly the two Ryans) I think I'm doing better - or more importantly I think the orchid is doing better! Alana

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I always thought that orchids were difficult to grow unless you had a greenhouse or lived in a warm, humid climate. But many of today's orchids adapt quite well to growing in the average home. Phals are among the easiest, I believe, with Dendrobiums and Epidendrums following. They just need a bit more attention paid to emulating their natural habitat and requirements.

It took me a while to get the hang of growing orchids, but I'm not doing too poorly, considering my climate and indoor growing environment!

Luckily, Hippeastrums are a lot less particular, and a little less needy than orchids! I treat all of my bulbs just like any other houseplant, checking frequently to make sure their needs are met.

It really helps that I've learned more about container gardening in general, and that I have the time to devote to all my plants!

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