HAVE: Trichocereus peruvianus, mostrose, Opuntia argentinea

orchidnickOctober 8, 2007

The crested peruvianus was sold to me as Lemaineocereus peruvianus, monostera. Cactus types have since then stated it is Trichocereus peruvianus monostera (or monstrosa I have seen it called either). Anyway its a nice lush green crested cactus which makes an "Alien brain gone wild" type of growth. Some of it grew normal and has a nice large white flower which lasts 3 days. I knock the "normal" pups off the main plant to keep the crested part going full strength.

I have several rooted crested pieces and also straight growing pieces.

I also grow Opuntia argentinea which makes a tree like structure, has many small yellow flowers in the spring. I have a couple of young plants, 2 years old. This one grows easily from a leaf, I have any number of these.

I would like to trade for any eclectic succulent or cactus, must be able to withstand Southern California winters under a roof but without heat. Am not interested in huge plants, more the unusual smaller types, really interested in the Stapelia group.


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Hello Nick, do you have any Trichocereus peruvianus monostera left? Please e-mail me at jolly_rancherscream@hotmail.com

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