Quesnelia liboniana worthwhile?

gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)March 27, 2013

While wandering around a nursery today, I saw a 1 gal. plant offered with rather vague id. Some internet searching has me thinking it may be Quesnelia liboniana. It does not seem to be a widely grown plant, and the spent flower stalk of the nursery plants had me wondering if it is more of an uncommon curiosity, or a worthy garden addition when a mature group is in bloom. .

It wasn't expensive. I am more interested in opinions as to if it is worth real estate in my small garden. Searching the internet and this forum didn't give me enough information to decide.

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Any plant is worth growing once...if you have the space and time. I had to cut down my collection numbers from 1100 to 500...due to time constraints LOL

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Hi Gyr_Falcon

I have found here in Australia, this plant prefers to grow mounted on something rather than in a pot.

If it's potted it will grow out over the side in a very short time. The flowers do have an attractive unusual colour combination of blue/purple and orange and are a bit Billbergia like as far as lasting qualities

All the best, Nev..

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Time I have hotdiggetydam, as my collection is much, much smaller than yours, but suitable bromeliad space is in short supply. Part of the problem is that I do tend to try out a large number of oddball items that pop up in our various nurseries! But a 1 gal. bromeliad should be easier to find a location for than that Buddleja alternifolia that followed me home last week. (Where am I going to put that future monster? lol) There were only two of the possible Q. liboniana at the nursery when I was there, so if one is still available during my next visit, it likely will find itself tucked into my stuff. Who knows, it could become a new favorite.

Thank you for the growing tip, splinter1804. Many of my billbergias are grown in wire baskets using a mesh method I dreamed up originally for a fern. It allows the plants to grow into a large ball before I need to refresh them by division. It sounds as if this plant would like hanging off the sides. That is a nice color combination on those flowers, and different from my other broms.

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Falcon what other genera of broms are you growing? There are many broms that have a lot of color. I like Neoregelia, Billbergia and large broms like Alcantarea and the big Aechmea. Depending on what area you live in you should have multiple sources to select broms from.

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Most of my broms are neos and billbergias, partly by happy accident. A shop that used to be nearby once got in some named 6" pot broms, mostly neos, and sold them for $5 each. Seriously? I bought them all! lol My neos range from Mini Skirt to Cosmos in size, there is an Aechmea 'Alvarez', some tillandsias, and the rest are billbergias and whatever else I have forgotten that is hanging around. The red noes are my favorites, I think. They really stand out in the garden.

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