New bulbs, need help to tell if they are diseased

weldorf961November 23, 2010

Hey, I just bought 3 bulbs from the amaryllis bulb company. I got a cybister lima (bulb in great condition), a papilio (has a few raised red spots near the bottom) and a "double record" which has a big dark-red spot like jupiter on the side. it's also got a red spot near the neck on the old skin of the bulb. i'm not sure if these have the red blotch disease that everyone always talks about and if i should request a refund, or if i'm being just being paranoid... thanks to anyone who can help.

here are the links pics (i couldn't figure out how to embed them sorry):

"double record"

and a few of the papilio

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I tried to view your pictures and I could only view one... the one with the big split in the outside of the bulb, I don't know which one that was but there is nothing wrong with that one...the others I couldn't access, frustrating to be sure....maybe someone else will have better luck...


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Me again, I was just able to view the one laying on it's side with the big area of rot.. cut it out very carefully until you get to clean tissue, let it dry for a few days and then dust liberally with Captan, If you don't have to cut too deeply the bulb may be fine. I would send this picture to whomever you bought these from and maybe they will replace it but don't throw it away, try surgery , I've done it successfully before.. but do it now...


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Please forgive me but I'm going crazy with these pictures so I just thought If you didn't mind, I'd post them for others can give you their opinions...

It would appear to me that the only one you have a problem with is the first one....


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Donna hit the nail on the head. Sometimes you can just peel off a layer if the rot is shallow.
Tally HO!

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