HAVE: Large 'Eve's Needles'

pianodoctor(CA 23/24)November 10, 2007

I have a few Eve's Needles (Opuntia whaddyacallit) in nursery containers (though one has outgrown it) and have decided not to install them in the landscape after all.

You must come get them here. Location is near the borders of Carlsbad/Encinitas/Olivenhain.

Mostly I want them to find a home where they will be used, but I would always welcome a trade for a nice really blue columnar or (blue) round flat pad type cactus, a patio or indoor quality variegated columnar Euphorbia, or other variegated or sculptural looking cacti or succulents. If you don't have those, I can also use medium to large terracotta pots or pot.

One of the Eve's Needles is large enough you will want a pickup bed or SUV or similar to carry it and please bring blankets or sheets so we can "stretcher it" to your vehicle. This cannot simply be picked up and carried safely in the normal fashion, unless you're wearing a suit of armor. Either that or we can cut it into smaller pieces.

Contact via email pimenta.dioica@yahoo.com

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