Follow up to Cheuh re blooms

blue_heelerMarch 22, 2009

Oops, forgot to mention. Bromeliads bloom only once in their lifetime. The new pup will produce a bloom when it reaches adult size which may take one year or more. Then it produces pups and so the cycle continues.

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Some Deuterocohnia have perennial bloom stalks, and will bloom two or three years on the same inflorescence.

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They can bloom for seven years on the same stalk

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Yes, there are a few exceptions to the one bloom per rosette rule, but most beginners aren't growing these plants.

This thread was a follow-up to this one. Not sure why a new thread was started, but in general, when an old inflorescence turns brown, cut it off. That plant won't bloom again (unless it's a Dyckia or a Deuterocohnia).

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