Will PineApple plants die after fruiting?

plant_junkie(6)March 2, 2010

This is something ive been curious about for a while. Im sorry if this question get asked alot. After a few hours of watching youtube videos and cruising the web I have been unable to find out whether the mommy plant is toast after it fruits. The reason for my wondering is because I want to grow one and eventually eat the fruit, but would be devestaed if after I eat the puney fruit the plant dies after all my hard work. I know about growing them from slips, shoots and suckers, but will the original plant produce again? I will be growing it in a pot and will be put outside during the summer in the brightest location I have available. It will be brought inside for the winter where it may suffer from the low rh. Thank you for your time and sorry again if the question or topic is repetitive.


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A search of this forum will bring a ton of info...youtube probally is a poor source of info on bromeliads

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The thing is though, no one gave a definetive answer on whether or not the plant will fruit again or if it will parish. I got frustrated with reading and finding nothing. Thats why I decided to ask and get a definetive answer.


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Im pretty sure the mother plant dies-but suckers. So in a way it lives and you get great sweet fruit.

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Dear Steve

I happened to take a picture of a pupping pineapple at a fruit stall a few days ago. May be the picture will give you an answer to your question. The pineapple fruit develops from the apical meristem of the plant, so the plant will expire after fruiting but it will produce pups which you could grow and produce more fruits for you.

P.S. We do not consume the above plant. The Chinese use it for worship purposes and for good luck during Chinese New Year. And the lady in the picture is not me. Haha!


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Constantino Gastaldi

Yes after fruiting the pine apple plants and all of them die!
But you may observe that before dying that plant will set some buds just under the fruit and one single cown on top of the fruit. This crown may be planted and in one year you will have a juice fruit. But you must give the plant tropical hollydays on a resort in a Caribean Island. If you live in a cold place or if you live where bananas and papayas won´t grow give up and buy them on syrup and canned.
Monocarpic plant die after blooming. Agaves and most bromeliads are bye-bye plants that do not anouce life by blooming but say farwell to life. Everything must be started again and again. If you treat them correctely, if you do your best sooner they will die ´cause sooner they will bloom. Monocarpic plants bring the flowers to their own funeral.
This is nothing if the plant is an Aechmea a small one but when it is a Alcantarea imperialis weighting more than 250 kg or a quarter of a ton...humm then you will need a crane to get rid of the rotting death body. Monocarpic is a good plant to teach us tha life and death run together like horse and cariage...If you keep monocarpic plants you are bound to face death and deal with it sooner or later.
Unhappily some of the juiciest and tastiest plants are so and also some of the prettiest.

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That why I do love Dyckia, a perennial bromeliad which never died after bloomings
and I could be enjoyed until the end of my life... :^)

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I have an Ananas Tricolor which fruited about 3-4 month ago, it has thrown up one pup but the mother is still looking strong and healthy.



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