Help with conservation for the love of Monarchs

kristin10152001February 8, 2012

Hello everyone

Like everyone on here we love Monarchs and want to preserve them for our future generations, well I want to take my efforts from the waystation that me, my 2 year old and husband built to the next level and begin raising healthy Monarchs for release into the wild. We believe in the programs that monarchwatch and organize that we want to be a larger part than just our waystation. If you will please follow the link below to read more and please share the link with family and friends.

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

Growing up, every summer I collected monarch cats from my uncle's farm in Fremont.

How many monarchs (or other lepidoptera) did you raise last year?


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terrene(5b MA)

Good luck with your efforts to help Monarchs Kristin, you are kind of preaching to the choir here because many of us raise Monarchs and other butterflies. What are you planning to do with the $2000 you hope to raise? I have found that raising butterflies requires lots of time (very fun time at that!) but not much $$$, especially if you grow the host plants from seed.

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KC: I am planning on 2000 a week

Terrene:The $2000 is for equipment to test that they are free from disease, flight house, hydroponic grow system for milkweed and other nectar source plants.
We are looking at using the hydro system to grow the plants and be able to start monarch waystations at local schools so that the children can observe and learn.

Thank you both very much for your interest!
Please share the link with friends and family, my husband, son, and I are very passionate about getting this project started :)

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Wow that is a lot Last year was my first year raising about 60 cost like $10. I planted milkweed and bought hanging compartment to put chrysalis in. Mostly I spent lots of time and effort, it's like having a newborn puppy.

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