Forced flowering

mcgregor1960March 30, 2011

Any ideas on the following please.

Regarding the selected hybrids/varieties that are mass produced in tissue culture, forced and treated to flower early; then distributed to the department/chain stores throughout nz.

The pups of these plants often dont form properly and/or throw tiny malformed flowers at a very juvenile stage themselves.

I'm guessing it's a response to the forced flowering.

Can anyone fill in the gaps here with an explanation?


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I don't know for sure, but I can guess?

I'd imagine it's because the parents haven't yet had a chance to grow enough to have the resources for pups. So the pups aren't in great shape. (I'm rather impressed that they pup at all, actually!)

As for the flowering aspect, I know that some plants (not positive about broms) will flower as sort of a 'oh crap, I'm about to die, I need to try to reproduce!' measure.

Suzanne (Sz)

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