WANTED: M. perezdelarosae seeds

paulzie32(9)November 13, 2010

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any M. perezdelarosae seeds they'd like to share or trade?

I'd be happy with Mammillaria perezdelarosae ssp andersoniana also :)

I have seeds of several other types of cacti as well as cuttings and offsets of cacti and succulents. If I know what you like or would like, I could let you know if I have it or can get it.



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I'll even trade some seedlings if you don't want to trade seeds for seeds. But I do have many more seeds than I do seedlings. Just let me know what types you're interested in and I can let you know what I have of that family. I've just got soo many, it's just too many to list here.

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HI, I dont have any of the listed cacti, but it seems we have a mutual interest in small succulents and cacti. Would you be interested in other trades, seedlings for seedlings?


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I sent you an Email Zach... just waiting on you :)

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

Why don't you buy the seeds. Paul? they are not that expensive in small quantity.


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I actually have Jordi. Thanks. I just like trading. I find it a fun way to get rid of some of my extra seedlings and seeds and usually others have more seeds (or seedlings) than they can grow as well.

Like the A c-m seeds and seedling I ordered from you last year. I got that one flower that produced 14 seeds, sowed about half of all the seeds and got 18 seedlings. I grafted one and found new homes for 6 of them. Also sent a few seeds to 3 other people. In return I increased my collection with about a dozen or so new seedlings and half a dozen or so new types of seeds.
So thank you for that :)

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Well, I got word from the company I was trying to order from saying I need a permit to ship as they don't want to be responsible for any confiscated packages.

Know of any sources in the USA?
Heck, I'll buy a plant at this point. :)

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