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graykiwiMarch 17, 2010

Hi All,

It's been a while, but here's some photos of my garden after a recent tidy up for our Auckland Brom Society Garden visit day we had last weekend. I've also included some pics of a few nice new Kiwi Vrieseas I got last year and from our Fiesta. You can see some of them in their new home in the garden !...Hope you enjoy. :-)



Back garden

Water Feature & Kiwi Vrieseas

Front Garden

Vr. 'Cherry Snow'

Vr. 'Cherry Snow'

Vr. 'Tango Lace'

Vr. 'Taeiri Fizz'

Vr. 'Manapouri Mist'

Vr. Tartan Hybrid

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Looks great Graeme - I'm sure the visitors were suitably impressed. The Tango Lace is certainly an eye-catcher as are all the Kiwi Vr's really.

thanks for sharing

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Hello Graeme,

Your garden is very nice!!! Lots of colorful broms contrast to the brown fence.

Cherry is stunning. I love that pure whit contrast to it's green tips. Thank for sharing.


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absolutely stunning.. i hope i could get one also.. i am not sure though if it could adjust to the climate here in the Philippines.. could you give us an idea how much these vrieseas are being sold? thanks

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Hi Graeme,

Great pic's of your garden which is so nice and neat and I think the little waterfall is great.

I especially like the Vr.Cherry Snow, Tango Lace and Manapouri Mist. Wow! what I would give to have them in my collection to look at.

This is quite a timely post as our own little Bromeliad Society had a garden visit to three gardens of our members yesterday.

I took a few pic's and will post them for all to see as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for sharing.

All the best, Nev.

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Thanks all for your kind comments. Jopogi, yes these Vrieseas do best in temperate climates so they may find it tough to look good in hot sun in the Philipines and tropics. If they were kept moist and in the dappled shade though, I wouldn't be surprised if they survived and looked okay, as they are proving quite adaptable plants.

Believe it or not, we have some members in NZ who have put the white plants like 'Cherry Snow' and the earlier released 'Snowman' in basically full sun - and they have survived our NZ summer without a mark on them ! For Kiwi Vrieseas like these, locally in NZ you will pay anywhere from NZ$35 (US$25) up to NZ$70 (US$50) for the nicer ones. Not sure what they go for overseas though ?

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Nice picÂs Graham,

It was a good day of garden visits, itÂs always interesting to see what other people are growing, & how theyÂre growing them. Nice to end up at your garden to enjoy a good cup of coffee, looking out over the broms. Here are 3 picÂs I took at your place.

Good to see you have a representative of the Dyckia sp ;-)

HereÂs a close up of your xNeomea Strawberry, it was a stand out in the front garden, with really bright colouration. I tried to get the meerkat to look at the camera, but he wouldn't listen.

And youÂve inspired me to try growing Wittrockia as a mounted plant, yours had really good colour, & would leave my shade grown ones for dead.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Graeme,

Great garden and lovely plants. Re what Vrieseas like that would sell for elsewhere, on Oz eBay you would stick a zero on the end of the prices you mentioned. Then maybe increase by up to 50%. Sure you don't want to sell some Cherry Snows over here?

I think I might fly over and try and get some to survive through quarantine - would be a great weekend and probably cheaper than eBay!

Cheers, Paul

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Cheers for the extra photos Andrew!
...Yes those plants are all looking good, I especially enjoy my '3 Leopards' mounted on the vine branch. As you say, they look better in near full sun I think which shows up their markings better and gives them that rose coloured blush...I have some more photos of them and some others I'll try and post tonight.
PS; Don't worry, the Meercats NEVER listen and bite holes in your garden gloves if you get too close! haha

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Dear Graeme

Nice bromie garden!

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Cheers Paul and Lyndi...
...Paul you're more than welcome to come over anytime, I know where to buy plenty of these unique beauties at prices minus a zero or two hehe...only problem is the dogs at the NZ and Oz airports would soon sniff out any "hidden trasures" you try to take back in your suitcase or down your pants haha...

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Thanks to you Graeme and Janeane for your wonderful hospitality. Our favourites were the Vriesea's + those in your shade house especially the colour in that Neoregelia carcharodon 'Tiger'. We both loved that cake also Janeane !.

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thanks for the info, Graeme...

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Damn ... and I just bought some trousers with a bit more room in them!

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