WANTED: matelea decipiens,climbing milkweed

jaybirdy(5north/central Illinois)February 7, 2010

I'm looking for seeds for this plant.Does anyone have some to trade?Can only find them on E-Bay;but they're expensive.Thanks

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)


Georgia Vines has them, 8 seeds for $4.50. Don't know what ebay is asking. I purchased a packet of seed from Georgia Vines but already have them in damp coffee filter in fridge. I should have saved a few to share but too late now. Will harvest seed this fall if successful in growing the vine.

Doesn't help you now, I know, but if you can't find a trader now and don't wish to pay the high price of seed, watch in the fall for someone to have seed for trade.

Looks like an interesting vine and of course, good for a butterfly garden. Much of my small garden is light or high shade so really hope the seed germinates and I can be successful in growing it.


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jaybirdy(5north/central Illinois)

Thanks Mary. Georgia Vines on E-bay was the only place I could find selling them too.I might end up buying them there because I want them that bad.....John (jaybirdy)

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Tony G(5a)

Hi Mary, how has this particular milkweed vine worked in your butterfly garden? Are the monarchs using it as a host plant in your garden? Is it also a nectar flower?

(If anyone else is growing it, I'd appreciate your feedback too) Thanks, Tony

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

Top of the morning to you, Tony,

No, this vine did not thrive in my garden. To be truthful, my husband was extremely ill and I have neglected my BF garden the past two summers (summers of unusually high temps and lack of rain). If the vines return this year, I will try to be more nurturing.

Although they bloomed all up and down the little vines, I don't recall ever noticing anything on the blooms. But then, I wasn't outside very much. No seed pods were produced.


Here is a link that might be useful: bloom color in first photo exactly what I experienced

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Tony G(5a)

Thanks Mary, I may experiment with this one...sandvine sounds interesting too if i can find a way to control it.

Four leaf clovers, Tony

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

Tony, would your Sandvine sometimes be known as Honeyvine milkweed? If so, I grow that vine in a big pot on my deck. I did have it down in my garden area, but it gets the yellow aphids badly so I brought it up to the deck so I could frequently check if for the aphids. Now this little vine Does attrack mama Monarch. I can't recall seeing her nectaring on the tiny blooms but I've found Monarch eggs on the vines. Other little butterflies have been seen nectaring on the blooms and I just may have missed Mama Monarch. Sometimes the only indication I have that she has been by is when I come across her eggs. I've never seen a seed pod on this plant but I understand, in certain circumstances, it can really be a pest.

first blooms on the Cynanchum laeve - Honeyvine with Gray Hairstreak nectaring on the bloom


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Tony G(5a)

yes Mary, that's the one...I was thinking of potting it too. Thanks for the info

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Is Matelea deciphiens hardy up to Madison, Wisconsin?

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