Dividing and Repotting Acechnea Primera

murphy_zone7March 12, 2009

Hi...I have never posted in this forum before, just lurked about and gleaned info needed on my Acechnea Primera. Sorry for not thanking all of you knowledgeable folks and hope you forgive me. But now I need help and can't find answer. I purchased my brom in April 2007 in bloom. Bloom died, two pups appeared, mother plant has never died. All are currently in tiny 5" pot that keeps toppling over. My question is should I separate and put in separate pots or can I leave together and put in bigger pot and how big a pot for three plants?

Will they ever bloom again?

Thank you for any help.


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Murphy you can do either. Only the new pups will bloom. Mom just make more pups after blooming and eventually withers away.

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