WANTED: Wanted: Schlumbergera x buckley preferably white

kbugs405(Michigan)December 3, 2009

Hi, I am looking for cuttings of Schlumbergera x buckley preferably white, but will take whatever you have. I like to get them from as many different plants as possible. This is the "real" christmas cactus that is no longer available unless someone has it in their home. This must be a Buckley, I am not looking for Zygos. In trade I can offer Zygo's in several different colors, including yellow, or a red Schlumbergera x buckley from my family.


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Please let me know if you find a source for White as I too am looking for this color.

FYI I have an old fashion Christmas cactus that has been in my wife's family for at least 50 years. I started my plant from cuttings from this plant. My primary plant is roughly 30" wide so it produces 75-100 cutting per year that I typically plant and give to my friends. All my friends now have plants so I have cuttings that I can give you or if you live near Toledo, OH, I can give you a plant.

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Thank you for your response......still looking for the elusive white buckleyi. I am actually very close to Toledo. We just live up by MIS. Love to have some cuttings. Like I said I like to get them from as many different mother plants as possible, as they all end up producing a little bit differently.

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I you still have some cuttings available from your wife's family's old fashioned Christmas Cactus available, I'd love to have some cuttings come spring. I'm down the highway in Zanesville, Ohio and would be willing to trade or pay postage.


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I purchased my white buckleyi segments about 1 1/2 years ago from a seller on Ebay. Watch ebay - she lists (under Christmas Cactus and not Schlumbergera)white buckleyi quite often, especially in the Fall when people are beginning to think of Christmas & Thanksgiving cactus. It's taken it a while to take off but is having a great growth spurt this Spring, now a nice plant growing profusely!

I put all my Christmas,Thanksgiving & Easter cactus outside in shade in the spring (usually April 1 here in Ft. Worth) and bring them back in when our temps go down to 40. By this time they have really put on so much new growth, are extremely healthy, are all in full bud, and put on a glorious show in my sunroom; the Thanksgiving bloom all winter, then the Christmas/Buckleyi begin blooming sometime in January, Easter come along in March. By putting them outside in April it gives them a real growth boost, and I can be assured they will be loaded with buds as the temps get cool and days get shorter - they love it.

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I think what I got last fall from a friend is the type you are looking for although I am not sure yet what color it will bloom,But i can send you some starts off of it for a few from yours if you are interested, I can also send you a picture of it first to make sure it is what you are looking for.

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