wanted: lrg.flowered huernia schneideriana maroon

floridabear(10b)December 30, 2007

I think it is a huernia. There is the VERY common variety that has a maroon flower about the size of a dime. BUT I got a large flowered one, that is the same except the flower is bumpy inside and about the size of a big nickel or small quarter. Does anyone have THIS variety?. I cant recall who I got it from on EBay. Everyone is selling the common one with the tiny flower,but no one seems to have the big flowered one. Not knowing the correct name doesnt help. I have so little of it,if it rots or dies,I am out of luck. So I am hunting for more of it. It looks exactly the same as the Schneideriana,except the flower is 2-3 times the size and the inside of it is very bumpy,it has 5 pointed petal tips,and it is deep maroon. Anyone have this one? Please!!!

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It sounds like you have the typical one - flower sizes will vary slightly - and keep in mind there are many species of Huernia, and I'm sure many have been hybridized/crossed (by accident, usually) So you would probably be better off asking for A Huernia, with larger size flowers, not a specific type.

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Hi again,
I just wanted to let you know I didn't mean to offend you - It's just that I'm trying to help :)

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I thank you. I do mean one that looks like this huernia..i have found out it is named 'Keniensis'? I have seen a picture of the flower..it is VERY big..it might be a private cross...I dont know. BUT that is the 'parent' I guess of what I am looking for. It's flower is about the size of a BIG nickel..not that tiny dime size of the 'Schneideriana', that everyone has. It has the bumpy texture of this 'Keniensis',I saw a picture of it in a search for this one,and it was a self cross...and it made the flower huge!

So I think I am looking for a huge Huernia Keniensis

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