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avane_gwMarch 26, 2008

Please help me to clear up the name of this plant so I can give it a proper label. Could it be the original Neo carolinae? It stays green in the shade but get that bronze tones in good light and a bit of sun. The sepals of the plant are green and mature size is between 50 and 60 cm. When feeding the plant, it develops a very nice full rosette of leaves, about 30 cm long and 2 cm wide.



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I forgot to add, the pups are produced on stolons but quite short, about 5 - 7 cm and the stolons go side ways in a slight s-form, not up like compacta. Japie

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I liked your carolinae theory until you mentioned the stolons, Japie. That doesn't fit, even short ones. I'm guessing it's a hybrid, but which one?

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Japie that plants looks like one I used to grow...was supposed to be 'carolinae (redleaf hybrid)'. I finally concluded that the narrow leaf growth habit came from it being a princeps cross...Anyway never could get any confirmation out of the made a lot of pups on stolens and filled up baskets fast

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I am still looking for a name for my plant and a few days ago, I came across this News letter where Unkle Derek wrote an article about Neo sanguinea. I also read somewhere that sanguinea makes very short stolons, but I cannot find that again.

Could this be my plant perhaps?

Any body out there growing Neo sanguinea?


Here is a link that might be useful: Neo sanguinea

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I don't think so, Japie. Look at the sepals. Your plant appears to have green sepals and the inflorescence has a typical carolinae look (not sure how to describe it), whereas on N. sanguinea the sepals are very clearly red, and the inflorescence appears to have kind of a bud-like shape, more like compacta or macwilliamsii. I don't have it, and I don't think it's been in cultivation very long, but there are more pictures of it on FCBS. Look at the Tropiflora and Andreas pics-- it even has the finely speckled marmoration of macwilliamsii.

Here is a link that might be useful: Neo. sanguinea

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Here is a pic of my sanguinea. I've had a few pups and they don't have very long stolens. This thing was pretty much bloomed out when I got it (for free) but had a few good sized pups. It's quite large, but the guy I got it from tends to fert the heck out of everything, so I'm not sure what size a normal one would be. It doesn't self.

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I have a brom called Delphine. I do not know if that is its correct name as i have not checked for it in the florida image section
it looks alot like that one , but mine is very dark brown and grown in good light, in my beige shadehouse.
I will try and find a picture of it!
the pups are also grown on short stolons

The picture i found was before it was in my shadehouse and growing under a tree with alot of direct morning light. It was also just before full flowering stage, so the centre flower had not fully opened if you know what i mean?

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I am pretty sure that I have this plant lurking in my garden, it is unlabelled.

It could also be Neoregelia Cheri Mignon off the Aussie brom site.


Here is a link that might be useful: Broms in Aus

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