Wonderful Tutorial

dondelduxNovember 9, 2011


That was just wonderful and thank you for taking all the time to go through every step with us..You young people are so adept on the computer it make me feel like a dinosaur;-)!

Perhaps if we all try we can "not answer your post" and keep it at the top of the list with the FAQ for a while so it doesn't get lost after all your hard work...Thanks again and I'll be going over and over this trying to digest it!!

I just have one question. How do you get the copyright circle with a c in the middle and is copyrighting basically the same as watermarking?


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allstarsgymnast7(7, Southeast TN)


Thank you! The pleasure is mine. Y'all have taught me so much about Hippis, I will gladly help out wherever I can. :)

I've attached a link about the differences in Copyrighting versus Watermarking (I didn't want to give any wrong answers).

As for entering the (C) symbol, that's a good question. I know in programs like Microsoft Word, you can hold down the ALT button and type 0169 on the right numerical key pad to get the symbol. However, that didn't work for me on the Picmarkr website; and I don't always use a computer with a FULL keyboard - my laptop doesn't have the right numerical key pad, for example. So, I had to Google "copyright symbol" then copy and paste into Picmarkr. It worked though.

OR you can go about it another way (this seems more complicated, but you can keep it open and use all kinds of symbols!):
1. Start Menu (if you have a Microsoft system)
2. All Programs
3. Accessories
4. System Tools
5. Character Map
6. Select the character you want to copy, and hit "Select".
7. Copy from the line at the bottom that reads "Characters to copy". Or hit the "Copy" button next to the "Select" button, and it'll copy for you! Awesome. I'm learning now too! Haha.
8. Paste where you want it to go (it will successfully paste into the Picmarkr text box for "text to display" if you choose a text watermark).
9. When you want a new character, you can backspace and clear it out of the way (or highlight and hit "delete").

I'm going to experiment with the above method to see if it works... Please excuse my character spam below. :)

ÃÂ¥ õ è ÃÂ

That's fun! I wonder how it will turn out when I post. Oh! I found a smiley face! ⺠While a little long to get to it, I like the character map version. It gives you lots of options for different characters.

After previewing the message, it seems that the forum doesn't support all characters I goofed around with (the copyright symbol included). I'll try again and see what happens... And let it post this time.

é é é é é é

Here is a link that might be useful: Watermarking versus Copyrighting

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Kate, Thanks again..you've given me more to experiment with on the next rainy day, or, for me.. several rainy days...:-)!!


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allstarsgymnast7(7, Southeast TN)

Donna, You're very welcome. :) We just got by our rainy day yesterday and at the moment it's 34 degrees F! It's sooo cold!! -Kate

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