The smell of paper whites in bloom...

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 30, 2011

...Haven't we discussed this? This comic strip made me laugh out loud, as I know that we have discussed this very topic over the years!


K have to make sure and look at today's comic (Nov 30, 2011)!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rhymes with Orange - comic from Nov 30, 2011

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

That is too funny! One year DH forced me to move my lovely Paperwhites into a remote area of the house (booo!), as he really felt nauseous from the smell. I love the smell! Anyway, not wishing to give up my festive season must-have, I have since discovered the "Inbal" variety of Paperwhites, which are much less odoriferous than the usual one that is sold commercially, called "Ziva". Most boxed kits are Ziva. Thanks for sharing that Kristi!!

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Thanks for sharing the comment, quite funny! I have to say personally I find their smell a bit unpleasant, but to each their own right? ;)

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You have to go back to the cartoon from November 30th to view the appropriate one, but it's very funny! And so true! LOL!

I've often thought that certain Narcissus smell kind of... "odd"... or maybe a better word is "off".

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I love the smell of Narcissus Paperwhite.
They do however have new cultivars with a lighter scent than 'ziva'
Some include: 'Ariel', 'Inball' and 'Nir'.

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I don't normally go for the Paper Whites... I sometimes will force a couple of Hyacinth bulbs, though. Now, those smell nice! :-)

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I actually love the smell of Paper whites, everyone thinks I'm crazy....

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