WANTED: Haves and Wants

dav4vidDecember 3, 2009


Purple Crest Aeonium "Zwartkop" - Cuttings

Aloe branddraaiensis - Plants, Cuttings

"Coral" Aloe striata - have a few small plants in the ground, digs up easily

Aloe vera - several small plants rooted from cuttings

Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica - several small rooted cuttings in pots. Some are already branching. Very nasty long spines with microscopic barbs. Be extra careful around this plant.

"Rock Purslane" - Calandrinia spectabilis

Gorgeous purple flowers almost year-round on 2-3 ft stalks over grey-green foliage 1 ft high. Fast spreading to form large clumps. Great for slopes or large areas. I have several small rooted cuttings showing new growth.

"San Pedro Macho" Cereus peruvianus - Can cut some branches off existing plants, will root readily.

Crassula arborescens - This stuff spreads weed-like, please come and take as much as you want. Also have rooted plants in pots. 'possibly multicava'

"Watch Chain Plant" - Crassula muscosa

This plant grows readily without watering, will root as bits fall to the ground. Cuttings.

"Miniature Pine Tree" Crassula tetragona

Grows tall and spindly in pots, but spreads nicely and stays low when in the ground. Please take some, I've got LOTS of Plants, Cuttings

Euphorbia candelabrum - Have 3 of these 2-3 ft, need to be uprooted and moved out. Can get 20 feet tall in the right conditions.

"Flowering Spurge" Euphorbia corollata -

Pretty tiny white-then pink flowers bloom almost constantly. Plant branches readily to cover 5 to 6 ft wide. Have a single plant that needs pruning. Cuttings root readily.

"Milk Bush" or "Pencil Tree" Euphorbia tirucalli

I have any size you might want, some rooted, some cuttings which will root easily. 'standard all-green plant becomes a tree in time'

"Chandelier Plant" Kalanchoe delagoensis

I have several plants in small pots, MANY more still in the ground. These spread like weeds! Take as many as you want.

"Coastal Prickly Pear" Opuntia littoralis

I have several rooted cuttings in pots

Portulacaria afra - have cuttings available from a variegated plant and 'red stem' Plants,

"Narrow-Leaf Chalksticks" Senecio vitalis - Cuttings



WANT: I want small live plants. I live in the San Diego area and can deliver for trades on my HAVE list. Looking for almost any small Mammillaria, Notocactus, Astrophytum, Echinopsis, Echinocactus, Ferocactus, Gymnocalycium, Matucana, or Parodia. I am looking for smaller ball-shaped cacti that don't get particularly large.

For instance:

"Star Plant" Astrophytum ornatum

"Horse Crippler" Echinocactus texensis

"Easter Lily Cactus" Echinopsis oxygona

"Dwarf Chin Cactus" Gymnocalycium baldianum

"California Pincushion" Mammillaria tetrancistra

Mammillaria theresae

Matucana aureiflora

Notocactus herteri

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Hi, plz pm me if your still interested in trades. thx

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Before trading it is always wise to check the members review at The Rate and Review Forum. Make it your friend.
To do a search there, use the Search Box found just below the list of threads on page 1.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rate and Review Forum.

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