WANTED: Euphorbia tirucalli (pencil cactus) & more

plantman71(7b/8a)December 2, 2012

I am looking for pencil cactus Indian tree spurge and sticks of fire. I am also looking for heleborus - Ivory Prince, Night Coaster, Winter Thrillers (Grape Galary -Pink Parachutes -
Red Racer), Red Lady, Metallic Blue, Blue Lady, Double Vision, Yellow Lady, Double White, and Queen of Night,
I have for trade: Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to
Gardening (looks new), verg. yucca, cast iron plant, sweet shrubs, Heavenly bamboo, and monkey grass(clumping - both verg. and green), also have spreading monkey grass. I have lots more, so let me know what you are looking for.

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I got Sticks of Fire Pencil Cactus, still looking for the green one. I am adding to my trade list: zig zag plant/devil's backbone, heleborus orientalis light purple Christmas Rose, horses tail, and red spider lily (lycoris radiata) I am interested in other cactus and succulents.
LMK Can't stand Winter, want to stay outside digging in the dirt.

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Do you still have things to trade..Please contact me if you're still gardening..Thanks

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plantpower98 you have no email set up, can't email you. Yes I am still gardening. You can check my plant list for what I have to trade. I have lots of cactus and succulents not listed, just ask. What do you have to trade.

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I have euphorbia cactus,pencil cactus,

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plantpower, I have already gotten the pencil cactus. The black elep. ear you asked about is not hardy, it is an inside one.
If you are wanting to trade you are going to have to list an email address on your plant page. No one can email you.

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