ladyflyfshJanuary 8, 2012

Hi there...we had two nights of cold temps this past week and both nights I covered my one brugmansia that is in the ground. It did ok but some of the outer branches have wilted leaves on the ends of each branch. The newer growth toward the bottom had no damage at all. My question is this: Should I trim off the wilted parts on each branch or leave everything be as is? All my babies I got in my "box of brugs" are all doing great in their little pots and I brought them all inide those two nights. Just prior to this freeze, we were having temps in the 80's!

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I would just leave them alone and allow the damaged portions to dry up and drop on their own. If you see that they aren't drying and seem to be rotting further down the stems then I'd cut below the damage and maybe even dust the cut with a fungicide. Most likely it will be self limiting and dry on it's own. I certainly wouldn't worry about losing an entire plant. I left Palm Beach the day before the cold snap but it was still warmer there then here. We had 13 F!

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