id please

junpherzMarch 15, 2009

Do you have any idea about what this plant...Aechmea is??

Here's the picture.


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Could be Aechmea Burning Bush or some other ramosa hybrid.

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Hi junpherz,
Sorry I can't help you with your ID, but welcome to our friendly group. It's great to see another country represented. Tell us more about your plants and growing conditions in China.

All the best, Nev.

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Hey: Lisaclv
Thank you very much for those useful prompts.Yes,I gather that is related to Ae.ramosa ,too.But sitll wondering the accurate parentage of that Aechmea, :) in anyway.


Well,the collecting bromeliads are very new to China and I don't think there're enough offerings to our country as well---As to the result,very limited resources.However, those bromeliads,especially Guzmanias are being sold everywhere in the flowermarket,imported from Europe--the Neitherland.
I have been growing carnivorous plants,particularly interested in Sarracenia genus,as well as Tillandsia for a few years so far...and by far,just setout obtaining and collecting Aechmea,Bill,Hon,and Vris. In my view,it's more easier to keep Bromeliads in Beijing than those Carnivorous Plants,due to the matter of environment--For instance,fertilizer free-soil,almost impossible to find..and also the low humidity...

I simply place them in my baconey at home and dormitory( I am sophomore colleger),and let them get full sun in winter and filtered sunlight in summer,thereafter, they seem grwoing readily and happily here.

BTW:I wish I could put up some photos,but I don't know how I can do this,would you help??? I see many members who have put their shoots in this forum ,so...helps?? Thanks in advance.

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1. Set up your private account with a free photo hosting site(like photo bucket or webshots)
2. Load your pictures to your photo site.
3. To post on GW, under each photo are several web addy's...the HTML is the one you need copy and paste (in photobucket its the the third addy under the photo)
straight in with your written GW post is. You can paste several photo's by repeating these steps.
This does require you have two explorer windows open at the same time. One with free photo account and one for GW if you post multiple photo's or you can copy and paste each link onto a notepad for posting to the GW forum

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Hi junpherz,
Thanks for the feedback, it seems to me that if you are very limited in what plants you can get, growing your own from seed could be an option and it's very, very interesting and rewarding.

Good luck with your picture posting, all the best, Nev.

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