Help identifying Bromeliad

that_pete_guy(z7 NC)March 19, 2009

Can anyone help me identify this plant?

Does it look like it is going to flower soon or has it already? Any information would be greatly appreciated!



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Its in flower and it might be Guzmania 'Aurora'

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Looks a bit like Guz. Puna Gold.

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Your plant I feel is Guz. Aurora,
if you compare the floral structure of the 2 suggested plants it is clearly evident as to your plants identity,definately NOT Guz.Puna Gold.When identifying a plant look beyond just the colour.
As far as flowering goes it's about at its peak.It should hold colour for another couple of months though.

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that_pete_guy(z7 NC)

Thanks for the ID help. The "plant people" were recycling plants at my wife's office and she thought this was a nice looking plant and had to bring it home. I'm looking forward to harvesting a few pups from her and raising them.
Thanks again,

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