restricting pot drainage?

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)January 4, 2012

Someone (don't recall who of course) posted an interesting concept last Winter/Spring which intrigued me at the time. They too use large (15+ gal) nursery pots and a very light planting mix. They commented that when they water it seems to run through so fast it was questionable how much the media was soaking up. Their thought was to cover (tape of some sort or whatever) all but one of the holes at the bottom of the pot so that it takes longer for the water to drain allowing the bark etc in the medium to soak up more but allowing eventual drainage which would also insure good root aeration. I don't recall any followup on this and am curious if anyone tried it and if/how it worked...or thoughts from any others who may have the same problem supplying these water hogs.


will.........been away a while so haven't had time to go back the past couple of months postings, so sorry if this has been discussed in the interim.

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Will..not sure if it was my post, however, I did mention
that I'd tried this idea. For my brugs that I grow in the
nursery pots, I taped most of the drainage holes to allow
the water to run off more slowly. I use a good potting mix
and didn't have to water quite as often


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A few years ago, I bought a discounted roll of weed barrier cloth. I just cut off a piece of that and put it inside the bottom of my pots to keep the soil and water from going out the holes so quickly.

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figara(Ca 9)

Will, you can use coffee filters or used dryer sheets. I am a recycling kind of person:-)


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