The Desert Forum at the Huntington Garden, photos galore!

joscienceJanuary 18, 2009

I attended the Desert Forum today at the Huntington Botanical Gardens here in L.A. It is a free day in the gardens with some addiontonal activites for all individual cactus and succulent societies associated with the CSSA. There were about 200 attendants, which made for a pretty impressive crowd in the Desert Garden and conservatory. It also meant lots of friendly, familiar faces and answers to all your questions! ;-) Everyone brought their lunch, which we enjoyed in the air conditioned teaching greenhouse. Right after, there was a plant sale from their nursery. Although only a small fraction of the plants in the nursery were for sale, there were definitely some gens to be had. I apologize for not having any photos sto share from the sale, but it was a total zoo, and naturally I had too many plants to hold, and take pictures. There were some talks later in the afternoon, but I couldn't attend as I had to be somewhere else.

Beyond the Desert Forum, it was terrific day in the gardens. Truly one of those spectacular, perfect days here in SoCal that *almost* makes the traffic worthwhile. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the winter sun still warmed the gardens to a summery 80F. I spent most of my time in the conservatory, enjoying the plants and listening to everyone's comments. The curator was also there answering questions. It was fun to get to pick his brain! Afterward, I cruised through the old world garden and took a few photos.

Haageocerus cf. pseudomelanostele with positively glowing spinesence.

Hypnotizing Matucana aureiflora.

Unbelievable color in this Fouquieria purpusii.

First time I've seen a Dorstenia gigas blooming in person!

The Aloes stole the show outside!

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Thank you! Thank you!


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Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. :-)

Best to you,

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Thank you both. I'm glad you enjoyed!

I took some pictures of the plants I bought at the sale, and wanted to share those too. They are all in 4" pots.

This Euphorbia clava was probably the best find.

Very pretty, and ample cyathia.

This Fouquieria campanulata was the second best.

I picked up another Fouquieria purpusii since they were so cheap.

Pachypodium cactipes

Pachypodium ambongense

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There's a 2 you don't see to often, campanulata and ambongense! The latter looks like it needs some sun.

Great photos BTW!

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Well,you could have posted more pics,it was short of "galore" Josh-lol.
I have something like the E.clava. Turns out to take quite a bit of cold,neglect. Not something to turn heads it's so diminutive in comparison to most garden Euphorbia's.

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How big were the Fouquieria purpusii that were blooming? Were they in ground, or potted?

Beautiful photos!

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Caudex: Thanks for the compliment. The photo of the Matucana is really sweet. Even at full res everything is nice and sharp. I'm really looking forward to printing it *BIG*! I was pretty happy to find P. ambongense and P. cactipes for $7.50 each! Slowly but surely, I've amassed a decent collection of Pachy seedlings.

Stan: You're totally right. The "galore" was an exaggeration. I owe you!

Tristan: The purpussii is potted. I think it is about a 10" diameter pot.

Fouquieria purpusii

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Oh yeah, love your posts & photos. My mind is made up...I'm taking me some vakay time and heading south maybe in March or April. Got some family in Altadena to see and impose on for lodging, and then I will head right down Allen to the entrance.
It has been too long since I've been there.

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