Help with ID please

splinter1804March 7, 2009

Hi everyone - Could you please help me with some long awaited ID of the following plants:

Some sort of Nidularium I expect - growing on a low bench beneath 50% shade cloth.

Another type of Nidularium growing under the same conditions as above

Unknown Billbergia "AA" growing beneath 50% shade cloth - very tough leaves about three feet in height

Unknown Billbergia "BB" Growing in garden in full sun from 1300hrs-1600hrs

Unknown Billbergia "CC" Growing in garden shaded by Peppercorn tree all day

Flowers of Billbergia "CC"

Some type of Canistropsis??

Unknown Aechmea "AA" Growing in full sun from 1000hrs till about 1300hrs - About three feet to top of inflorescence

Inflorescence and flowers of Aechmea "AA"

Aechmea "BB" - Small growing plant about twelve inches to top of inflorescence - (Sorry about the blurred pic.)

Unknown Neoregelia "AA" - In garden growing in full sun till about noon - about three feet in diameter.

These have all been NOIDS for a long time; I hope you all can help. Thanks in advance, all the best, Nev.

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Nev, I'll give it my best shot!

Nid #1 - procerum
Nid #2 - innocentii lineatum
Bill BB - is it rather small? Santa Barbara
Bill CC - pyramidalis
Aech BB - apocalyptica
Neo AA - has it white flowers? johannis

I hope it helps and if I'm wrong, please correct me!


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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Nev,
I recognise a few of those. I reckon the 2nd Nidularium is Nidularium innocentii var. lineatum, Billbergia BB is possibly Billbergia 'Foster's Striate' (going by the "Uncle Derek says" article on fcbs - I often see these listed as pyramidalis variegated), and the Canistropsis is 'Persimmon'.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Todd

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Ae AA looks like weilbachii

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Ae. AA does have that weilbachii look, but 3 ft. is much too tall for a weilbachii. Probably a hybrid, maybe Ae. David Barry?

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Hi everyone - Sorry to be so slow getting back to you but the jobs just seem to keep mounting up.

Thanks for the feed back:
Avane, Bil. "BB" is about 12" high or a little higher and pic's of Foster's Striate (as Brom Todd suggested) seems pretty close to the mark.

I don't think Bil. "CC" is Pyramidalis as it's very different to the other Pyramidalis which are growing nearby. They are both growing in a similar amount of light, but the leaves on "CC" are darker and narrower, the plant is taller and the flower head is not as large and is a much deeper than the scarlet red of my Pyramidalis.

I suspected initially it may have been an old Pyramidalis hybrid as it's one of those Bill's which seem to have been in gardens around our area forever and often growing side by side with Pyramidalis and Bil. Nutans. It's not like the three examples in the FCBS Photo Index so maybe there are others not shown?

Sorry, I don't remember what colour the flowers on Neo. AA.

I originally suspected that Ae. "BB" was Apocalyptica also and I took a plant to our show for identification and both of the judges said it wasn't; but they still couldn't identify it, so maybe it's a hybrid of Apocalyptica, who knows?

Adroidiana, I have a number of different plants of Ae. Weilbachii but none are anywhere near as tall (3' to top of inflor.) as Ae. "AA".

After on checking pic's of Ae. David Barry as Lisa suggested, the first pic. in the FCBS photo index looks like it just might be the one.

Thanks for the feed back everyone and I guess Bill. "AA" still has to have that "NOID" name tag in the pot.

All the best, Nev.

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