Flamingo Gardens/Broward

fl_gypsyMarch 1, 2010

Has anyone here ever attended the Spring Garden Event or the Orchid/Bromeliad Expo and Sale at the Flamingo Gardens?

I've been to the sales at the Mounts Botonical Gardens in West Palm and really enjoy them. Just found out about the FG sales. Opinions please. If they are good, I want to attend the sale on April 3.

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I've never been to the Flamingo Gardens sales. You might want to hit the nearby Searle Bros sale this weekend. They have a pretty good selection of bromeliads. I usually go and buy a few.

Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &
The Rainforest Collection® presents...
The 12th Annual Spring Plant Extravaganza!
March 5th, 6th & 7th 2010

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Thanx for the info. I went to their web and it said that they have two public sales a year but didn't see the date for the second one. I am going to the Mounts Sale in April and I think the Fl Gardens Sale this month so I better pass on the Searle Brothers this time........I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to these things and go crazy. As I have trouble controling myself once I get to the sale, I'd better limit myself to one sale a month. If you know the date of the second one for Searle Brothers I would appreciate the information.

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I got some nice broms (and a palm) at the Searle Bros sale:

W. kupperiana
N. carcharodon 'Tiger'
N. 'Purple Star'
and something that is supposed to be a L. Vinzant hybrid. I'll post the pic soon.

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The one this I really don't like about the Searle Bros sale is the lack of name tags on most broms. Most everything else, like palms, that I looked at was well labeled but not the broms. Anybody want to guess at the name of this one that is supposed to be a Vinzant hybrid.

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mike4284m(z10b Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

First time I've missed the sale. At least they had more than just landscaping broms.

Your "hybrid" looks like Neo. rubrovittata to me. Great plant anyway.

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