What are they called ?

splinter1804March 19, 2011

Hi everyone,

Some time back I posted some pic's of some seedlings I had grown from seed taken from a plant of xNiduregelia 'Something Special' x ????????

The plant had just finished flowering when I purchased it so I have no idea of the identity of the pollen parent of the seedlings, and when the seed matured I just planted a few for the "hell of it".

You may remember in the previous pic's most of the seedling looked just like skinny leaved Neo's with coloured centres (most of which have since gone into the bin) The three pic's below are an example of what most of them looked like.

However there were three other plants that just remained a drab olive "nothing type colour" and it was only because the leaves were a bit wider that I put them aside to see what would become of them. Again below is an example of the colour and leaf shape of the remaining plants I speak of.

Below are the latest pic's of the same plants (sorry about the cobwebs) which have now taken on a lot of the similarities of the mother plant in shape and texture, but lighter colouring and I intend keeping them to see what the flowers are like and to see if any improvement is forthcoming with the next generation of pups.

In my opinion,I think the first lot have the traits of the pollen parent which I now suspect was a Neo. and the second lot obviously have the traits of the seed parent, the xNiduregelia.

My question is, what are they called, are they still xNiduregellias? What do you think?

All the best, Nev.

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I don't know what they are Nev except beautiful plants anyone would be proud to own.
They do have the look of xNiduregelia 'Something Special'
I suppose they would still be xNiduregelia since they call them by taht name no matter who the seed parent is.

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