Uninvited guest

LisaCLV(HI)March 17, 2009

Pottering around with my seedlings, I barely noticed that someone had taken up residence in one of the community pots:

When I moved the pot, he sat up a bit and took notice:

I've actually found this guy in this pot several times and evicted him each time. He keeps coming back though, and I think maybe I'll just let him stay there. I've seen some evidence of somebody or something digging around in some of my other pots, and I'd much rather have him in here, since it's a cross I don't care so much about, and the seedlings are big enough to apparently not be harmed by his (or her?) presence.

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Hi Lisa, it's great to see another aspect of nature at home. All the best, Nev.

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Is that an Hawaiian native or the alien species?
Anyway it look pretty with that pattern.
Our common Asiatic toad is also a residece in my garden.
They are good guy/gal as they do eat roach and slug and nver climb up on the bench.

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Hey, who're you calling names, Gonzer? Oh, all right, I'll get up and excercise in a minute....... ;-p

Chanin, that is an introduced species, Bufo marinus. We call them bufos, the Aussies call them cane toads. NOT much beloved in either locale, but you're right, they eat roaches, termites and centipedes, and that makes them okay by me! You have to be careful handling them, though. Not only do they secrete a dangerous toxin from their skin, but they also have the charming habit of emptying their bladder when you pick them up!

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I find they are readily stunned by a large stone. After that...

I prefer to let the almost native lizards eat the bugs. They do a good job. And then there are the snakes that eat the lizards. That's a fun show to watch.

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I thought my wife was watering my Bromeliad seedlings too hard until I found a couple of cane toads burrowed into a seedling tray at night.

I like Frogs and Bromeliads so the toads have to go to heaven.

I'm halfway though making my toad trap.


Here is a link that might be useful: Toad Trap

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ewwwwwww major enemy in my land
they are a pest

They pee in dogs water bowls and make it toxic
They eat the tadpoles of the beautiful green tree frogs and other frogs and can wipe them out in some areas
They also have a nasty habit of killing off the honey bee. They jump inside bee hives of a night and eat them for dinner and spit out the stinger.One cane toad can kill 50 bees a night

All toads on my property get sprayed with watered down antiseptic...like detol. or caught in a bucket and covered with cooking salt, that kills them prety quickly....a golf club or cricket bat used to do the trick but night time golf or cricket was a little bazzar....lol
It used to be illegal to kill them but now it is the opposite, they are so in plauge proportions here in the tropics in cane country.
Yes they flatten alot of things to make a cumfy bed
their skin is used for making purses and stuff.....ewwwwwww and touris objects.....ewwwwwww
grose creature...sorry...just my opinion

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These pics wouldn't fine for animal lovers...here my friend Gift with a "Toad Pocket"
at our Chatuchak Plant Market. They made of Toad's skin.
These eeeww stuffs were imported from Philippine souvenir market.

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A 9 iron does the trick at our place.

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'Toad pocket" classy.......

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Hi Lisa, Please cancel my initial comment as it's so small I didn't recognise it as a Cane Toad.

This is a Cane Toad!!!!!

All the best, Nev.

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Hahahaha.......... Nev, I am definitely saving that picture! You could make a whole backpack out of that one!

My little guy isn't hurting anything though, so you can put away your sprays, bats, rocks and golf clubs. The dogs know enough to avoid them, and if he has consumed even one centipede in his lifetime he has my eternal gratitude!

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LOL..imagine having a toad on your back...lol

Lisa, just keep an eye on him, if you see him sitting in the cups of any brom maybe best that you remove him.
I made an indoor brom tropical garden for a friend who lives in the bush. I put quite a few broms in that garden.
The lady asked me after a couple of months why the broms would be dying? I asked her if she had watered them enough due to being indoors or if she watered them too much. She said she followed all my directions and everything else is fine, bar the broms. She told me she noticed toads sitting in the cups every day...hmmmmmmmmm.
The toads make alot of toxins and may have secreted either their poison or just plain pee in the cups to have killed them.They are attracted to a constant moisture during dry season and this is why they feel the need to park their bodies where they will be comfortable. They stay there for long periods of time, so obviously going to the toilet there reguarly. I still am unsure if that is in fact how they died but from now on if I ever see a toad in a brom...they get removed.
Thought i should tell you that story just so you were aware.
But seeing him there in your little green patch of young seedling it seems as though hes not harming them. So now i wonder if it wasnt the toads afterall?

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