frozen cactus

punchy43January 19, 2010

Can anything be done with the "leaves" and/or "arms" of the frozen cactus. I have an arm/piece of one that I believe fell off because of the freeze and would like to know if I can start it. I would also like to know if I should cut off the parts of my cactus that are drooping down after the freeze. A couple of them are splitting away from the main part.

Any information would really be appreciated, since I know very little about them but truly love them.


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Maybe. If the cells have burst it will die, but if there is still healty tissue it should be possible to save it. What kind of cacti is it?

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Are these OPuntias that you are talking about? Do you know the type of Opuntias? Some will "lay down" when cold stressed and they will slowly stand up. WEird. I am also in Central Texas and My "Old Mexico" opuntia (large padded PP with an irregular edge) has done this. Some of the arms have broken off and I have laid them on the ground so they will calous on the cut edge. I will dig them into the ground in a couple of weeks. Then I will NOT water them till they root. The remaining plant has already started to pick itself up. I see this all over my land , even in the wild O. englemanii.

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Please cover it with new paper, rugs, or blankets to keep it warm. Take off all dead branches first then don't water the rest of the cold season. They will freeze just like water does, they are full of water so will turn into ice cubes that looks like dead cactus. Cactus need a dormant season in winter in order to flower in the Spring. It's be kind to your cactus week. Norma

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The best answer I can give you is to look at the color. If it looks weird, the cells have frozen and burst. You can cut off the chunks that are falling off now. Leave it alone till spring, once it gets warm then you'll know if any of it is alive. Good luck! I know there are a lot of dead plants on the island. What Ike didn't get the freeze did!!
Tally HO!

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Please help... My group of cacti (common to southwest, singular stalks, up to 8 ft, red flower sometimes, has been thru freezes) after being happily transplanted 18 mo. ago to perfect habitat endured 3 days of weather in the teens w/ some freezing rain. ALL 15 are now yellowish, shriveling, and half collapsing!!!!! What to do? Cut? When? Water? Help!!!!!

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