Carolina Jasmine was blooming on west end of the

dragonflydeeFebruary 1, 2013

House at the edge of the yard where much understory creates climbing
Opportunity for the vine.Most of the flowers are still not up high enough up
To catch the sun they like this colder time of year here,but one vine had
Gone up one of the trees and opened a few flowers.A few days ago I
Observed((sunny day,still air,not cold)several large yellow Sulphurs
Nectarine at the is showing these flowers very
Nice photos cause they also show the twinning vines,and discuss the
Plant.I had not known it was poisonous.I have a lot of it.But I have not
Seen a picture of the sosaid very similar vine said to grow closer to
Swamps.I wonder if my vines might be those?
I also saw one AngleWing but I am not sure which one;it roofed it's wings
Sitting on the sand but I could not see the little mark close enough.
I also saw two pretty little either Blues or Spring Azures in the back yard.
Then the storm moved thru and the weather turned cold.We had two
Large pines to fall out back,but no damage.The trees were dead and
Only left there for the Nuthatches and woodpeckers.Also,the yellow blooms
Dropped but the closed yellow flowers are fine.

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Sorry,intended to spell it Jessamine.I need to brew up a fresh bag of the
Tetley tea leaves.I drink it hot and steeped in fresh deep well water.It
Wakes me up.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

The Carolina jessamine does indeed bloom early, as do the wild blueberries, Vaccinum eliotti, which are blooming now, even making a little new growth despite the recent cold snap. The serviceberry in front of my house is blooming, too! In another month I should be receiving plants in the mail and either potting them up or planting them out - can't wait!


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