Amaryllis Sale 50%

susie_60ncNovember 23, 2010

I was sent an email this morning about their sale on bulbs......I order from this company alot.I always get nice plants and bulbs.I have never ordered A/H bulbs;C=266&P=0

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

i want to thank you so much for posting this sale. i have just ordered 5 exotic star and i am PSYCHED!

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Cottage Farms is a local wholesale nursery. I met with the owner of the company, and he explained that they no longer do retail which a lot of local nurseries have decided is not a good thing. Leave that up to Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart...

These are good people, local to me (within 10 miles of my school) and some of their employees have students that go to my school.

When I met with them, years ago, they told me that they stand by the replacement policy, so check into that... There seems to be a distribution of mislabeled bulbs again. Not to say that this will happen to them, but it could.

They are also part of the QVC network, so you might wish to check that out. What they sell on QVC is not necessarily what they sell directly on the internet.

Best Wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Does anybody recognize that first bulb that they have listed, the striped one with the large white center? Or is it Minerva that has been photo shopped..? That one and the red next to it appear the only ones not to have a name. The first one looks very interesting..,.


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Sweet Donna!

Many companies do this (see attached link)...

If they give a generic name of red-striped, pink, etc. then you will not get a named variety. It could be one of many possibilities that fit in the range of the description. They are what could be called generic, but certainly not named. No guesses on names can be made until you see the bloom because they are being sold simply as generic descriptions.

You could actually both purchase the same thing as me and get something totally different. The variety is only subject to description and not the pic.

Hope that helps.

Does that make sense?


Here is a link that might be useful: Amaryllis Gift Box

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has anyone ordered from them before? How do their bulbs look?

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Thanks, Ann, I do understand, and so since I don't need another mystery bulb at this point, I think I'll pass on this opportunity. Good luck to the rest of you and let us know how you make out.. I think I'll buy my generic bulbs at Lowe's this year...But, this is a great opportunity for anyone growing bulbs in the ground year round for mass planting...


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