How many Tillandsia punctulata's can you fit in a 12' basket?

stanofhMarch 21, 2010

Its taken 6 years for them to fill it. Im not sure if that or too much shade created a smaller bloomstalk-or that its March. Still one exotic looking Tillandsia.

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Sheez, at least you got one that's blooming Stan. More'n I've ever had.

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A tip, Gonzer: Never split them up, they need to be in a clump to flower. I read it somewhere some long time ago and since I left mine alone to clump up, I had 3 flowers already!

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Just full sun,dont divide and water 3-4 times a week in summer,almost never in winter if your rains are enough.
And I meant 12" of course. 12'?..ooof,by 2088.

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