Are Tillandsia THIS colorful?

aveo5March 9, 2012

Hi All. I have a few 'air plants' in my yard in the trees....they are ok, nothing to get thrilled about. But I just saw some on Ebay, called 'Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants', and they show a picture of a super colorful small plant clump that is red/gold/yellow/pink,it is beautiful. I think it is a touched up this Tillandsia THAT colorful when it blooms? Or is it a touched up picture? I cant believe that it has that much color. Does it? Thanks.

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If you are asking about a plant why did you put a link in for carpet?

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Yes, Tillandsia ionantha is that colorful. There are many hybrids of it now that have a variety of colors. Do a Google Images search for it and you will find many photographs. There are others such as the red form of Tillandsia capitata that have striking foliage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Images

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There are ionanthas that blush red, yellow, salmon and orange when ready for blooming. Many Tillandsias have this trait as it is used as an attractant for their pollinators since rarely do Tillandsia flowers have an aroma. An example is T. bulbosa which can live in the darker regions of riverbanks. It blushes bright red to attract hummingbirds.

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