Look what I just got

paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)March 5, 2010

Hi everyone,

It's always great to get nice new broms, but every so often one turns up and it so far exceeds expectations that I'm just completely gob-smacked. Isn't it great when that happens, and doesn't it make life such a blast!

I just unpacked this one from eBay.

It's a variegated Ae. blanchetiana pup. What a pup! And what beaut variegation and colour! Man oh man, maybe it's not the world's most exotic brom, but when you unpack a parcel from the mail and pull out something like that, it is just such a buzz.

If anyone else has some recent "big-buzz" acquisitions they'd like to share, I'd love to see them. Cheers, Paul

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(^_^) Congratulations! I can imagine how striking it will be.

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That's the best variegated blanchetiana I've seen.

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That's a very nice plant. Mine just refused to colour up.
I noticed some broms have better colour in Oz than in SG.

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Great looking brom! Yep, always a pleasure when you open the parcel and the brom is bigger/more beautiful than first thought - nice score.


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I'd be happy to unpack that one, it cerainly does have nice varigation.


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Nothing like opening a box and getting this!


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Hi Guys

Paul, for your sake I hope I'm wrong but that looks an awful lot like Ae.'Peaches 'N Cream' to me rather than a Ae. blanch. variegated.


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I was thinking the same thing but peaches and cream is a lovely plant and well worth having.Especially one as good as the one you have Paul.(if that is what it is)My variegated blanchetiana is more apricot/orange and not pink as your picture shows.
Cheers Fran

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Ouch Chris. At least you can claim innocence. And your plant looks awesome Paul!

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Wild collected plants do look a bit scarey when you first get them but worth the time to acclimate and grown them out. Nice find Chris

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Hi Paul,

Great looking plant, and what ever it is I'd love to have it turn up at my place looking for a home.

Do you have any grass left?

All the best, Nev.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Chris, what a shame to get a plant like that. Still, the middle of the plant looks nice and healthy! Should be spectacular when it grows out.

Hi Pinkbroms and Fran, I wasn't aware of 'Peaches 'N Cream' but now I am, so thanks for that. It sure does look like the pics in fcbs, right down to the fine details, and from the bsi cultivar registry the parentage of PNC is pretty murky, even down to what/how many species may be involved. So, is this one really a blanchetiana? It will be interesting to see what the inflo and flowers are like, and I'll get in touch with the seller and see what additional background they have on the plant. They did indicate that it originated as a US import.

In the meantime, I'm just as happy with a 'Peaches 'N Cream' as I am with a variegated blanchetiana, so waiting to find out what I really should call it will just add a bit of extra spice. And, if it IS 'Peaches 'N Cream', I still have the vacant space in my list (and in the rapidly diminishing back lawn, Nev) for a variegated blanchetiana! Thanks for the info.

And guys, a few more of you (in addition to Lyndi - you should see her thread) MUST have some exciting new arrivals that you'd like to share. Let's see them!

Cheers, Paul

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chrisn82, I am sure the plant will grow out of this state in no time.

I think I will get a Ae.'Peaches 'N Cream' in my next order.
Now I don't mind showing you my colourless variegated Bracteata.

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Oops! I am sorry! Paul's new plant is supposed to be a variegated blanchetiana. I had mixed up the two.

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Paul that does look like Peaches 'N Cream. Here is a pic of mine from a while back:

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Nick, it sure does! That's a nice plant of yours, thanks for showing it. Cheers, Paul

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Well, I'm glad someone else thinks it's not a blanchetiana! If I ever saw a true blanchetiana with boldly variegated foliage, I would grab it, but the only one I've ever seen is this very faintly striated one that Michael sells:

The stripes are not something you'd notice unless you were right on top of it. I finally gave up hoping it would get better and gave it its freedom. The inflorescence looks pretty much like a regular blanchetiana except for the fact that the flowers never open! There went my idea of pollinating it...

I agree that Peaches & Cream seems like a good match for your plant, Paul. There was some debate about whether or not that cv. is actually the same as Jubilee, which is supposedly a variegated mulfordii.

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Yes Paul ,definetly a ' peaches and cream ' but a nice one ,Jack

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Hi All,

I have that Ae.blanchetiana variegata from Michael like Liza posted. I think the variegation is not so good. It's very hazy. I could remember that i've ever seen a very nice variegate blanchetiana in Brazilian web somewhere that has distinct nice variegation. Hope I can get that one.

I also think of Peach N Cream. The nice plant you got has very nice variegation and is good enough to keep. Because of unstable variegation, I usually keep that good lucid variegation as your plant that would transfer it's beauty to the generation.


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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi everyone,

So, it really looks like I'm now the proud owner of an Ae. 'Peaches 'N Cream'. Cool! Just love the plant. Thanks for all your info and saving me from perpetuating an incorrect id, and .... giving me the chance to continue my quest to find a nice variegated blanchetiana!

Cheers, Paul

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Paul, PNC appears to be a very weak selfer. I got one seed from several flowers and have a few growing but they are still unidentifiable. BTW, the orange plant behind it is a blanchetiana.

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It seems that it is challenge to color up a variegated A blanchetiana. Here is mine which refuses to show stronger variegation no matter what I tried.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)


It will be interesting to see how those seeds turn out. Also, that blanchetiana of yours has some nice colour - I assume it gets a good bit of sun. After having a nice orange one do really well here for a year or so, I went mad a while back (well for quite a while actually) and ended up with what appear to be a couple of different so-called 'red' clones and a few different so-called 'yellow' clones, after seeing some brilliant chrome yellow ones dominating a roadside balcony up in Brisbane. I have doubts about whether a couple of them are actually straight blanchetianas, or indeed blanchetianas at all, but there are certainly a few different ones among them and I just love the big brightly coloured beasties. What I am going to do for space in my suburban block when all seven of them turn into clumps, I have no idea. Except, I definitely still need to get a nice variegated one!


To me that variegated blanchetiana of yours is actually quite a nice one. The variegation is much more distinct than most of the ones that I've seen - thanks for showing it. I've been umming and ahhing over getting ones that were not nearly that good for some time, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that plant I bought listed on eBay as a variegated blanchetiana, with its striking variegation, and me not knowing it was actually a 'Peaches 'N Cream'. Well, it was a "Buy It Now" at a solid but reasonable price and I had found it within a minute or so of it being listed. I hit the "Buy" button REAL quick! When it arrived, it was such a beautiful plant there is no way I could be unhappy with it.

Sometimes the breaks are really good ones! Cheers, Paul

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Paul, it doesn't take a lot of sun to color up my blanchetianas. I try to protect them from midday sun in the summer or they look bad. Mine does turn more red in the winter after all the flowers have opened. I don't know if mine is a hybrid but it rarely produces any seeds (even though I've tried to cross it many times).

I never grow them as clumps, I like a solitary specimen. The one in the picture is a bit small but still looks good.

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Paul, your purchase from ebay is a nice plant, I like it very much. In fact, after seeing your Peach N Creme, I have moved my Peach N Creme to a sunnier spot, hoping one day it will show more pink color

This is my pale version of Peaches N Creme

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