h. 'Lilac Wonder'

PatNovember 27, 2009

I saw this somewhere on the web. Do you have it? If so, is it really lilac? Do you know who is selling it?


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I ordered a Lilac Wonder last year and it turned out to be San Remo. The company issued me a credit saying that it was no longer available.

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Noni Morrison

And I also ordered Lilac Wonder 2 years ago and got a bright pink with a white star that did not hold up long. I gave them all away, and told the company it was not Lilac Wonder. They replaced it with somethingthat was wonderful and I loved it but it was NOT Lilac Wonder...I think the same source as Kristi used, but mine was not San Remo. I suspect they just substituted what ever they had on hand, and this year have not listed LW thank goodness! They were also listing Angelique which apparently is no longer available and those turned out to be something common and a bright salmony pink...not what I wanted at ALL! WHat a disappointment when companies to this....false advertising! Or treating us like idiots and thinking we won't notice the substitution. That I do not appreciate AT ALL!

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purpleclover(CA Sunset 18)

There are so many hybrids that I want just for the name. Lilac Wonder would be one of the ones I would really want to see. There is a beautiful pic of it on Dave's Garden website.

The guy who posted the pic described the bloom as raspberry pink.

There is another hybrid called 'Honeymoon'. I'm not crazy about that name but it is supposed to have purple-ish tones. It is tough, though because there is no way the flower looks like the promo picture.

The John Scheeper's bulb catalog describes the color of this flower as "Deep raspberry-rose with a blue sheen."

I love the comments posted with pics at emaryllis.com. He describes Honeymoon as a watermelon pink.

Still waiting for the purples.

With more than 600 named hybrids and the FAR lower number available each year from mail order, who knows what we're missing.


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Purpleclover...I am attaching a link to my post about Honeymoon way back in 2007. This is the true Honeymoon. I acquired some bulbs of Honeymoon this season. Unfortunately not from JS as they are not offering it this season. They were apparently mislabels as mine turned out orange and my friend's Honeymoon turned out a double. So please beware...

I have never had Lilac Wonder. So sad that such beautiful varieties are taken out of production.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2007 Honeymoon thread

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