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jodik_gwNovember 30, 2009

They are now at that cute stage... eyes open, little barkers and growlers working, little legs going strong! They're still eating strictly at Mom's Buffet, and she's feeding them about every two hours, and doing all the cleanup! But that will all change shortly, and it'll become my job to feed and clean up!

Here they are at the buffet!

They're quite active and noisy when awake!

And they all have such beautiful coats!

A sampling of females...

And the males...

Here's that Minerva that was supposed to be white... for some reason, the flowers aren't opening all the way...

Sweet Lilian will be giving lots of blooms, it appears!

Not quite, but getting there... I hope it hurries!

And, the south windowsill... which looks like all the other windowsills... shoulder to shoulder pots!

Thanks for looking! More updates as thing change and blooms open!

Happy Gardening!

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rebecca47(USA Zone 5)

Pups are looking really good and do I see some "natural docks"?

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Jodik Oh.....those faces are so precious! Are you going to keep any of them? The days that they go "home" must really tug at your heart strings!

On your picture of Sweet Lilian I notice you have two flower buds growing on the same side of the stalk! Is this normal(?)....maybe there will be a third on the other side!


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Thanks! We do have a few short little corkscrew tails, but Larry decided not to do any actual docking... most are either short enough, or not too terribly twisted. It's the English Bulldog in their ancestry.

I really don't need another dog, and I promised myself we weren't keeping any... but who knows? It's too soon to tell! Yes, it's sometimes difficult to let them go... but the alternative is way too many dogs in a small space! I do sort of like the little female that looks like Emma... do I need another dog? No! Do I want one? Um... yes. I love dogs! :-)

I'm not sure about the budding on hippeastrums... I've had them throw two scapes from the same side before... I never usually pay attention to that. Is it unusual? I don't think so, but I don't really know. Good question!

A possible third? That would be nice! I only see the two so far... but it's still early in the process!

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Precious, precious, precious!

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aw, this is so sweet :-)) .... They are LOVELY. What a precious puppies!

Sorry to hear about your Minerva. I've had this before with Charisma. They did not open completely, but they did open further than your Minerva. Still don't know why this happens.... Maybe next time it'll bloom better.

By the way, i have two Minervas almost about to bloom. This is the first time i try this cultivar.

I'm very curious about your Sweet Lilian and your orchid. Don't forget to post pictures when the flowers open!

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Thank you! Maia is quite a little trooper... she's putting every ounce of food into milk production! She must have been a cow in a past life! Believe it or not, she only has 9 mammary glands... very handy, as she has 9 babes!

Most dogs have even sets of 2, totaling 10... but for some unknown reason, Maia was born with only 9. It doesn't seem to be hurting anything, though! Every pup is nice and chubby!

This Minerva is just a spare... the original Minerva that I got about 10 years ago blooms beautifully every spring! I think this one will bloom fine next cycle. I would imagine a lot of these bulbs are rather stressed by the time we get them... and some may require a good rest period before they have enough energy to bloom properly.

This is my second Sweet Lilian... I loved the flowers on my first one! It's one of the most beautiful pinks, and I'm so happy that I received this one as an early Christmas gift! I will be sure to post pictures! I hope it's as lovely as the first one!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Awe,look at those sweet lil' faces!
pretty flowers, like your window.

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Thanks, Susan! That's one of the least crowded windows! :-)

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betonklotz(7b Baltic Sea coast)

Donna wrote: "On your picture of Sweet Lilian I notice you have two flower buds growing on the same side of the stalk! Is this normal(?)....maybe there will be a third on the other side!"

I don't think that's normal. I'll try to repeat as accurate as i've read it ...

New scrapes are developed in the axillary buds between a normal leaf and a semi-sharing-leaf. The pattern is the following: - left - right - left - left -
The last one is the semisharing leaf, the one before carries the new flowerprimordium in it's axillary. this pattern is repeated, then of course the other way round. For two buds that have been developed one after the other it would've been like this:

[...] - left - right - left * left - right - left - right * right - [...]

The star being a potential flower scrape, the axillary buds between the other leaves (-) are never developed into flower stakes ...

Correct me if I'm wrong!

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Jan Sword

Soooo cuteeee!!!

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Jodi, That first female is so cute. They all are, but...she caught my eye : )

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She looks like her Grandmother, Emma! All the females are various shades of brindle with a touch of white... she caught my eye, too! She's a cutie!

They just started eating a homemade gruel... you should see feeding time! Totally comical! They walk through the food, get it everywhere, and all over themselves... and then they clean each other! It's so adorable!

They wash it down with Mom's milk, and within minutes, they're all passed out... snoozing away!

It'll be hard to let these guys go...

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